Kmuse’s Musings: Favorite Family Drama Countdown

FotorCreated.jpgA while ago we asked our readers what they wanted us to write about.  This is me following through with one of those requests!  It was requested that we share our favorite weekend family dramas.  And since I think I am the only one out of our blogging group that watches family dramas (shout out in the comments co-bloggers if I am wrong.) I decided it would be a good subject for a Kmuse’s Musings. 1

Ah, the family drama.  The stories where everyone comes together in a smorgasbord of relationships, romance, and makjang hijinks.  It can be a hard genre to navigate when you consider that they usually range from 30 to 60 episodes.  This means you have to be committed to spending a long time with these characters.  So in order to help, let me share some of my favorites.

#5 Family’s Honor

I was a little hesitant to add this one to my list.  There are a lot of people are boycotting Park Shi Hoo dramas (which is their prerogative and I am not going to touch that topic).  However, I really enjoyed the OTP’s relationship.  It felt unique since the leading lady, is unlike the peppy girls we are used to seeing in family dramas. I also couldn’t stop pushing play for the next episode.  Totally a crack drama.  Which is why  I think it still deserves to be shared.

Family’s Honor follows two families.  One that is stuck on tradition and one that is all about modern progress.  Ha Dan Ah is the daughter-in-law of a cultural focused clan.  Her husband died on their wedding night so she has been living alone taking care of the family since his death.  She meets Lee Kang Suk who is the son of a rich family that come into conflict with her in laws.

#4 Smile, You

This was my first family drama!  Also my first time watching Jung Kyung Ho.  He is perfect as the skinny geeky guy that worms his way into the viewer’s heart.  Also into the heart of Lee Min Jung’s character as she and her newly destitute family move in with the chauffeur’s family.

I love both the OTP (one true pairing) as well as the family hijinks and I would highly suggest this one for those of you wanting to dip your toes into the family genre pool.

#3 Ojakgyo Brothers

Ojakgyo Brothers continues to be one of my favorite Joo Won’s dramas from his filmography.  Sexy brothers finding romance despite the meddling women in the family is a sure winning plot.  It is a shame that it is so difficult to find.  But sexy cop Joo Won is definitely worth the effort it takes to hunt it down.


#2 My Daughter Seo Young

The drama follows Seo Young’s (Lee Bo Young) life and marriage as well as that of her twin brother Lee Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin).  It follows our leads through school, marriage, and divorce as they come to grips with their troubled childhoods.  All the character relationships were really well developed despite the show leaning towards a makjang style of storytelling.  If you want a show that will have you emotional, this is the drama for you.


#1 Glorious Day

This is by far my all time favorite family drama.  It has cohabitation hijinks, quirky families, and so much cuteness that you might get a toothache just by watching.  It also is one of the few makjang free family dramas available. So if you want romance without all the amnesia, birth secrets, and murderous bad guys, this is the drama for you.


Not to mention the Da Jung (Park Se Young) & Song Jung (Lee Sang Woo) have off the charts chemistry.  They will definitely rank on your favorite OTP list after watching this show.


I hope this list helps everyone who wants to try this genre.  Feel free throw me a comment if you want more details on any of the dramas listed.  Also if there is a topic or question you want discussed on future Kmuse’s Musings please leave me a note in the comments.

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0 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Favorite Family Drama Countdown

  1. Of these, I’ve only seen MDSY – it was my 1st 50 ep Drama and cemented LBY’s place in my affections. Your priec has been one more vote for both Ojakgyo Brothers and Glorious Day (whose OST I’ve recently used for a personal project). So I’ll definitely check them out, thanks. Now if only ANYONE would watch Yeah That’s How It Is 🙂

  2. I’ve watched #2-5 & liked ’em all, but have yet to watch Glorious Day. I need to check that out sometime. My all-time fave is Life is Beautiful – if you haven’t watched that one, I think you’ll like it! Makjang-free, and so warm and cozy that I never wanted it to end! <3

  3. I’ve a friend who keeps telling me I should watch Glorious Days – I did watch Ojakgyo Brothers & it was wonderful! One to add would be Five Children – that also did not have much of the normal makjang messes and was simply delightful 😀
    I have the Park Shi Hoo one in my cue (I’m sorry, I don’t boycott people unless they are CONVICTED – just saying) – if it’s not all angsty I may watch it once a couple of my current dramas end.
    I am right now watching Laurel Tailor Shop – so far so good!

  4. I loved Glorious Day, too! I loved the story arc with the grandparents dealing with illness and old age, the ‘older generation’ love story and, of course the OTP. The only character I didn’t like was the boys’ mother. Don’t know if she was written that way, or if it’s the actress, but she was over-the-top screechy and dramatic. I was sad when they cut the show down to 44 (?) episodes. This is one of the very few makjang-free (for the most part) family dramas.

    I also recommend What’s Up with My Family. This one, too, had believable and touching story lines, and excellent acting.

  5. Loved Glorious Day!!! The others are now on my to-watch list. I also recommend Five Children…really liked it! Is Laurel Tree Tailors a long one? I’m enjoying it…

  6. I’ve waited for this post! This is especially awesome since Family’s Honor and MDSY have not come up in my regular searches. 🙂 Thanks for recs! I’m excited to watch more family dramas

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