Teaser Whiplash Strikes in New Tomorrow With You Promos

I am really hoping that the upcoming drama Tomorrow With You is good.  Not only do I enjoy both actors but I love a well done time travel story.  My only concern is that the promos seem to be promoting two very different concepts.

First, we have Shin Min Ah’s promo which is all rom-com drunken hijinks.  Which is all fine and ducky.  I love a good embarrassing drunken rampage.  It is a tried and true comedy trope for a reason.

But then we switch gears and are suddenly focusing on the stressful and intense time traveling story.  There is nothing rom-com about this teaser.  If anything it looks like Lee Je Hoon is back to his Signal level of intensity.

So which is it going to be?  Will we be having a sweet light comedy with a time travel twist?  Or will it be an angst-filled time travel drama with a smattering of comedy relief?  Hopefully, the writer can somehow bring this two very different styles together to form one well-told story. Because I will need to fill the giant drama sized hole that will present once Goblin is finished.  Tomorrow With You is set to air on February 3rd.

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  1. Ah I can’t wait for this drama to start, because Seo Inguk will be singing and composing a song, as the OST for this drama. Squeee!

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