14 Days of Fangirling: Day 7


There are so many beautiful locations that show up in various dramas.  The Fangirls chat about their location bucket lists in Day 7.

Day 7 – Location Bucket List: Place you want to visit because you saw it in a drama

Kdrama Jen:

Oh!  There are so many places.  A few of these I had the chance to visit on my trip to Korea this summer.  It was surreal to visit a historical village to see where many of my favorite sageuks are filmed.  I still want to visit Jeju Island.  There were many dramas that made me want to see it for myself.  Right now, though, I have planned a trip to Quebec City in Canada to see all of the romantic places featured in Goblin.



I want to go to Jeju Island.  It looks like such a beautiful place and I want to see the women divers.  The island features in so many dramas and Warm and Cozy clinched it for me.  The drama bored me, but the location was beautiful.  I want to go swimming and bike riding and sit out under the stars on the beach.



I have legit plans to retire to Jeju Island. Or open up a shop in Busan. I’ll save shopping in Seoul for the weekends.



I was actually inspired to ask this question after watching Legend of the Blue Sea.  Sure, the whole drama wasn’t the most fascinating thing in the world, but their international set locations were AMAZING.  These hotels were so extreme and luxurious that if I ever win the lottery I know where my money will be going.

What about you, our readers?  Is there a dream vacation that you are just itching to take thanks to a drama?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for a whole new question.

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The Fangirls

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  1. Since I got addicted to Taiwanese drama first, Taiwan’s my ultimate destination! Been here for 4 years and still loving it 😍 Now, my next target is Busan. I want to climb the 168 steps and play at the beach 😁😁😁 Hope to visit South Korea soon.

  2. My mom is a retired French teacher and some of my earliest memories were visiting Quebec as a little girl. I’ve already google mapped some of the places used in Goblin and I’m wondering if I can convince Mom to go on a road trip – “just because!”

    I love snow, though, so I’m really looking forward to visiting Hokkaido in Japan. That location is used in I Love U Love U Love I , Nana and many other films.

  3. Sign me up for Quebec, lol! (It’s closer than S. Korea, anyway.)

    I want to visit the palace that they walk out of when they come back from Quebec in Goblin (it’s also the same palace in Queen In Hyun’s Man–the one where you walk out, and suddenly there is modern Seoul.)

    I don’t know where it is, but I want to visit the island where they go in Uncontrollably Fond, that I think is the same place that shows up in My Love from the Star. Also, that cliff in My Love from the Star.

    Also the island in Spring Waltz (I know it’s *not* Jejudo, but I don’t know where it is).

    I’m not a terrific fan of large cities, but I would of course have to walk along the Han River and cross the famous bridge everybody (Kang Chul, etc.) jumps off of in Seoul. Busan looks nice, but mostly I want to see the gorgeous countryside featured in every saeguk ever.

    • Rose Green, I hope you read this …..
      Spring Waltz is one of my very favorite dramas of all time. I believe the location is Cheongsang Island where so much of it is filmed. Love that house!!! I would love to visit there too!

      • Yes! I just went looking because I figured I should know the names of these places. That drama was SO BEAUTIFUL. Whoever was in charge of the visual effects/locations/colors/etc. really outdid themselves. (I also love the places in Austria in it–I have already been there. 🙂 ) The other island (with the heart-shaped beach) is Haneuneom Beach.

        (Unrelated the location topic, I also thought that the best child to adult actor match I’ve ever seen was between Han Hyo Joo and the little girl playing her as a child. I don’t know if they are related at all–they have the same surname, but so does half of Korea–but they not only looked alike, they also shared all the same mannerisms.)

  4. Since I’m taking a trip of a lifetime in April to Incheon /Seoul I was hoping you would mention places I could actually see. Quebec, no. Can’t manage it, or Jeju. I heard a lot of scenes from Goblin were in Incheon (the bookstore). Will have to do some hunting. But I want to visit Korea in general – especially the mountains, any mountains.

    • I will tell Kdrama Jen to comment here. She just came back from a really great trip to Korea this last summer and visited a lot of great places. I am sure she can give you some recommendations.

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