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After being a kaddict for many years, you come to expect certain things.  For example, Lee Jong Suk will always do a big summer drama.  Seo In Guk will work year round because he is a workaholic (except when he is taken from us for the military…. grrrr.  Still bitter.)  But what about those actors that you love and adore who suddenly dropped off the drama circuit?  Did they switch to movies?  Did they retire?  Were they kidnapped by an over-adoring fangirl?  Come join The Fangirls as we discuss our favorite actors who are currently MIA from Dramaland and our hopes for their acting future.


There are actually so many actors that I really enjoy that could be added to this list.  However, I am going to focus on just three this time.  Two have switched mostly to movies, but the other had a promising start as a B lead actress and then suddenly disappeared.  A true mystery to delve into.

Hyun Bin

I waited while Hyun Bin performed his military service, I waited while he readjusted to civilian life, I even suffered through one of the worst dramas of all time for him.  And then………… nothing but movies for years now. It was rumored that he was considering the sci-fi Circle, but that fell through.  I think I am finally at the point where I have wiped Jekyll, Hyde, and I from my memory and I am ready for Hyun Bin to come back to Dramaland.  Now someone just has to let Hyun Bin know.

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Kim Nam Gil

Oh Kim Nam Gil, he is the sexy bad boy whose characters always end tragically……but in a good way.  Why have you deserted Dramaland to die only on the big screen?  Not that you are not perfect and tragic with every death, but I wouldn’t mind 16 hours of Kim Nam Gil awesomeness before the tragic ending.  A movie is just too short to really enjoy his angsting ability.

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Im Ju Eun -This actress was one of my favorite hidden gems back when I started watching dramas.  She stole the show from the leading lady in What’s Up.  Who could forget her as the memorable erotica obsessed bestie in Wild Romance?  Im Ju Eun was an actress that I was positive would transition to starring roles sooner than later.  After checking My Drama List for this post, I do see that she has shown up now and then.  Most recently as a barely used 2nd lead in Uncontrollably Fond.  But Ju Eun’s extreme promise of the past has withered away to the point where most people don’t even know who she is.  A very tragic event in my opinion.



Yoon Si Yoon – He wasn’t even in the military that long, so what happened? Was it all those melo roles without my favorite bright sunny side? I dunno, but I’d like to see him in more dramas. I just found out he’s coming back to small screen in June, and it’s an idol drama!! My life will be totally complete. Until then, I’ll just wait patiently and re-watch my favorite panda scenes from Flower Boy Next Door.


Kim Soo Hyun – I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed a giant Kim Soo Hyun sized hole in the drama world. I mean, he’s approaching military age pretty fast, so where is he? Well, he’s doing one movie this year. Is that really it? Has he made his millions and decided he doesn’t need more? I honestly wish him happiness, but I would be super depressed if he never made it back to the small screen. I need 16+ more hours of staring at his lips.


Kdrama Jen

Song Joong Ki – Jennie took Kim Soo Hyun, so I am writing about the other face I am missing: Song Joong Ki.  Well, I guess it is not his face that has been absent. I saw him absolutely everywhere while visiting Korea last summer.  He was on the wall of Baskin-Robbins, a lifesize cardboard cutout in front of a shoe store, and staring out from almost every shelf in the grocery store.  When I first arrived, I would buy things just because they had my favorite drama stars on them.  My host family “mom” literally jumped in front of the rice cookers and told me I absolutely could not buy one because it would not fit in my suitcase, but I was very tempted because Song Joong Ki was on the package!  Sadly though, I have not seen him gracing my screen since Descendents of the Sun.  I know he has a big movie coming out this summer, but I want to see him in a drama.  He is an extremely talented actor with so many dimensions, but I love him best when he is cute, flirty, and in hanbok.  I adored him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  So, if anyone with any leverage is listening out there: I need a little SJK fix!

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Kang Ha Neul – I’m really missing Kang Ha Neul.  I first noticed him in Angel Eyes, and then there he was in Monstar, so what’s a fangirl to do but try to watch every thing he was in?  During my early days of kdrama discovery I had a major crush on this guy who could be serious and goofy who had the most dreamy eyes….  I had major and I mean MAJOR SLS in the early days of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  I know he has a few movies coming out, but I need to see him brood his way onto the small screen again soon.  Not as a second lead, not a cameo, I want him to be the first lead and get the girl.  Also, I know I’m asking for a lot here, but it’s totally ok if he sings too.


This concludes our list of actors/actresses that we really want to come back to our TV screens.  Be sure to let us know who your MIA favorites are in the comments and be sure to come back soon for more great Fangirl chats.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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  1. Amen to more Kang Ha Neul. I mean, I’m all for Sung Hoon’s jump in popularity but KHN is so much more. Okay, now I’m going to have to go troll Tumblr for sad SH-R posts about Wang Wook..

  2. Ohhh i like this discussion. Totally have a long list but thank goodness some of them has done a drama the last two years so all i am missing are (men and women)
    *** KANG DONG WON – this probably is such impossible dream to wish for, but I really need him back in dramaland. Granted, he doesnt really lack projects each year since he has about 2-3 a year but its been more than a decade since his last drama. I wish he would bring back his awesomeness and gorgeouness back to dramaland. I remember being so giddy around 4 years ago when there was some sighting of him having lunch date with Writer Kim eunseok, i totally thought he would be lured back to dramaland, but then SJK got confirmed with DOTS. SJK confirmation was bittersweet for me, cause as much as i liked SJK, i was so hoping for KDW. Then after Goblin, KES did spme rounds of interview and named KDW or WB as her dream casting for her 2018 saguek drama, i am getting hopeful again. I think if there is someone or something that can lure KDW back to dramaland, its KES or Kim wonseok PD.
    *** KIM NAMGIL – same reason Kmuse listed. But i do want him in a romcom. I dont think i can take him dying again in dramas.

    *** JUNG YUMI – she played an annoying character in her last drama Discovery of Romance. But her role in Que sera sera still lingers in my head. I love her in that drama and i wish she takes up another drama that has a good character.
    *** MOON GEUNYOUNG – i know she still needs her rest after all her health problems recently. But i so miss her. And if she takes some drama project then, that should be a confirmation that she is now in full health. And i would be such a positive news…

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