14 Days of Kpop: The Kings of Concept: VIXX


Annyeonghaseyo chingu! Jennie here, taking over the blog to talk about one of my favorite groups, VIXX.

Let’s be real for a second, if you know me, you know my first pick always is and always will be SHINee. But since the Maknae is still new, and since it’s my fault SHINee is also her bias group, I took one for the team and let her have that fangirl privilege. However, VIXX is my #2, and dang they do it good.

A few weeks ago I got to see VIXX in person at Kcon, and I still get dizzy thinking about the experience. This was my second time seeing them live, but my first high-touch.

Before I go on, I need to mention that looking into Cha Hakyeon’s eyes was like having my own personal Kdrama close-up. That man is unreal.

*ahem* Moving on…

Hyde was my first VIXX MV. I was fairly new to Kpop at the time, and I was instantly blown away. How could they convey good and evil so well to someone who didn’t speak a word of Korean?

Not only that, but their dancing, singing, and rapping was all on point! They even delivered the concepts live with their excellent choreography. Other than Ravi’s interesting prologue, the whole thing was perfection. They almost derailed my devotion to SHINee with a single MV. Little did I know that was only the beginning.

The number one reason VIXX has stayed relevant despite other groups getting more sales, is that they’re not easy to pin down. One second they’re delivering a macho-European concept like Only U and the next they’re robot-aliens. They’ve covered everything from time-travel to video games and they still surprise.

There are times when I’ve felt like they can’t hold up next to groups with bigger fanbases, but then they release a new video and I’m in love all over again.

As an author I’m constantly looking for inspiration, and VIXX is my fantasy story go-to. Error, which managed to shove a Romeo-and-Juliette-as-robots plot into less than six minutes, is fanfic fetter worthy of publication. If only I could attach the MV to my books.

Few groups have survived as long as VIXX, and I don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. Maybe the don’t get BTS numbers, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy of adoration.

Cha Hakyeon, otherwise known as N, is the leader of the group and one of the main dancers. You might recognize him from dramas such as Cheer Up and Tunnel, but he has yet to play a leading role. Please, drama gods, give him something more!


Ken, my personal bias, is one of the lead vocals and the aegyo king. *Warning, if you ever see him in person, his cuteness can be fatal. Evidence listed below.*

He’s also tried his hand at  a drama, but I can’t even remember the name of it because it was terrible and I couldn’t stand to see Ken that way. It shall remain unnamed.


Hongbin is the visual for good reason. Look at his jawline! And he has dimples! You may have watched him in Moorim school, which, admittedly, is the only reason I gave that drama a shot.


Ravi is the rapper, and not hard to miss in the MVs. He has his own style and swag, which he showcases best in the LR subgroup. I also love how he whispers his name before rapping. Seriously, I get giddy every time he does it.


Hyuk is the maknae. Although he spent a bit of time as the leader of Big Byung…but that’s a different story for a different day. He’s cameo’d in Glorious Day, and although I didn’t watch the drama, I did watch his clip and I’d like to see him do more acting in the future.

I saved Leo for last because I know how many people are crazy about this stone-expression-ed hunk. He’s gotten better at smiling and laughing more recently, but there’s something about a man who doesn’t show too many emotions that’s alluring. I’m not in that camp, but I can totally understand the appeal. As the main singer, he’s the other half of LR and his fans are completely devoted.



Hopefully you found an appreciation for VIXX and will support them in the future. VIXX, fighting!

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7 thoughts on “14 Days of Kpop: The Kings of Concept: VIXX

  1. Its Vixx, so i’ve got to give them some love!! Vixx are the only kpop group that hold my attention to the kpop world so far, so yes Vixx hopefully will stay as strong and longer in this tough, saturated world of kpop. Leo was the one who brought my attention to Vixx; because his personality and such but now i love everything about Vixx. Me being a noona might also be one of the many reasons why i loved them; Vixx’s got this adult-sexy aura around them, and i couldnt help but to get suck in. And i loved most of their songs, they sang and be sexy almost in a perfect way, and i loved their performances; they give this kind of dramatic/theatrical feelings to me, and i couldnt help but to get more suck in the world of Vixx. Hyuk seems decent in his acting, and i am anxiously cannot wait for his upcoming web drama to confirm this(Hyuk is my number 1 bias in Vixx now; he doesnt even look like a maknae anymore, and has improved so much since he debuted 5 years ago). Hope many people will love them, and just like you said; they are not easy to pin down to, and looking at how diverse their concepts is, they will stay relevant for a much longer time. They dont make bigger sales like EXO or BTS, but their unique approach to their concept will maks people to remember them for a long time. So thanks for the post about Vixx, because it makes me happy whenever people write about them. 😁😁

  2. I’ve never heard of VIXX. I usually listen to Kpop in my car, so I don’t watch a lot of music videos. It’s usually the music itself that captures my attention. What would you say is their best song?

  3. We got to go to the audience for VIXX but alas, no hi touch. But watching from the sidelines was nearly as much fun I think because we could totally see everyone’s personalities shining through. N totally BLEW US AWAY with the eye contact he was giving you all. Oh my word. It killed me. Hongbin was a close second. And I loved how Leo sang to whatever song was playing the whole time he was up there. Cutest thing ever. Speaking of Leo, I have to disagree about the whole not showing emotions thing. I feel like he is a walking emotion machine! And he can’t really hide what he’s feeling. Ah. I can’t even with him.

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