First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Sell Your Haunted House

Are you looking for a new horror-lite style drama to add to your watchlist? To be honest, I wasn’t exactly looking for this drama — I normally steer clear of the horror genre. But when a preview surfaced on my Twitter feed, I just knew I had to give it a try. Read on to see if you should click play on Sell Your Haunted House!

What’s it all about? Check out this quick synopsis from MyDramaList:

Ji Ah, a woman who has inherited exorcism abilities from her mother, is the owner of Daebak Realty, a company that specializes in selling haunted houses. Ji Ah looks perfect and is also brilliant, but her hot temper makes her fists fly before her words. One day, Ji Ah encounters a conman named In Beom who specializes in exorcism fraud. Late at night when Daebak Realty operates, In Beom visits Ji Ah to make an offer. He suggests that they team up to exclusively sell houses that are haunted by vengeful spirits and lingering ghosts. Can the two get along well and deal with house prices, ghosts, and their sorrowful stories?

One of the reasons I was compelled to give this drama a chance was Jang Na Ra. I’ve seen her in several prior dramas, and enjoyed her portrayal of more sweet and meek characters. But this role is the complete opposite of everything I’ve seen before — strong, feisty, and bold best describe her personality as exorcist Ji Ah! Wielding her magical nail gun, and armed with ability to give grudge-filled ghosts a proper send-off to the after-life, she is a total kick-donkey character! Also, her make-up and styling are really giving me Buffy, The Vampire Slayer vibes and it’s fantastic!

Jung Yong Hwa, of the Kpop band CNBlue, stars as the male lead, In Beom. This is my first drama with him as an actor and I’m already enjoying his character immensely! He’s equal parts handsome and charming as he goes about conning his spirit-harassed clients. And as he stumbles his way into Ji Ah’s life, he brings with him a bit of bumbling comic relief, which I am fully embracing! (There were several times while watching this drama where he reminded me of another favorite actor of mine— Kim Young Kwang.)

CHANG MI!!!! Yes, I totally squealed out loud when I realized Kang Hong Suk from The King: The Eternal Monarch was playing In Beom’s con-game partner! He’s absolutely adorable, and excellent side-kick material. Need I say more?? And speaking of partners, Kang Mal Geum is also doing a fabulous job as Ji Ah’s ‘secretary’ — she skillfully runs the business side of the realty office, as well as offering a grounding and sensible presence to our orphaned ghost-hunter. 

I was throughly engaged during the first two episodes — I’m a fan of Ji Ah’s unflappable and determined character. And I can already feel the chemistry bubbling between her and In Beom! Though they are still wary of each other, I’m looking forward to their partnership and joint dive into solving the mysteries of the past, as well as vanquishing ghosts along the way. The only aspect of the drama that I wasn’t keen on was the somewhat boring and stereotypical ‘mortal’ antagonist. But the big-bad real estate developer and his annoying, extortionist gang won’t keep me from pushing play on the next episode!

What say you drama fans? Will you join me in watching Sell Your Haunted House? Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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  1. I am really looking forward watching this. I TOTALLY did not realize that was Jang Nara based off the cover photo on Viki, i wasn’t paying attention to the names when i quickly added it to my huge watchlist. Wow. She can definitely pull off tough, she had a bit of that side to her in Mr. Baek, also way way back in Successful Story or a Bright Girl.

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