A Fangirl’s Japanese Drama Review: An Incurable Case of Love

Anyone ready for a cute, fluffy Jdrama? This one is about a high school girl who sees a doctor saving the life of a person who collapsed on the street and decides to become a nurse so she can meet him again and marry him. (This makes sense to someone who gets caught up in daydreams – and if the guy is cute enough!)

Our Leads

Sakura Nanase is a person who gets caught up in that way, and it sometimes gets her into trouble. You can judge for yourself how cute Dr. Tendo Kairi is. On her first day at work with a group of newbie nurses, Nanase meets him in the hall and blurts out, “I became a nurse so I could see you again. I have loved you for five years!” She bows very low, and he pushes her head up so he can see her face. He doesn’t remember her at all and scolds her for standing in his way.

Dr. Tendo turns out to be irritable and not very friendly – except with his patients. A sad background story is given as the reason for this, but we meet his dad, and his dad behaves just the same. This actor employs what is called “stare acting.” He stares at someone in an inscrutable or intimidating manner, and lets the feeling sink in.

The hospital staff is amused that the newbie has confessed to the most crabby doctor in the hospital. They dub her “the hero” for being so brave and tease her about it. She takes it all good-naturedly, and from time to time we see her decked out in (imaginary) hero armor.

The Plot

Nanase is cheerful and means well, but expect her to be awkward and make mistakes in the first few episodes. For example, she puts on the electrode clips in the wrong order, which messes up the EKG reading. She is over the top embarrassed and things can get pretty cheesy at first. But she improves, copes with difficult patients, and keeps very good case notes, which proves helpful to the doctors in diagnosing problems.

There are a lot of love-lines in this drama. Nanase’s neighbor, Ryuko, is being set up on blind dates by her parents, and there are also a doctor and a male nurse who like her. Two doctors and a patient are interested in Nanase. Another nurse likes one of these doctors, and a female doctor likes the other. Nanase of course likes Kairi. It’s not so much a love triangle as a love star.

Nanase and Kairi are pretty cute together. As Nanase’s friendly personality starts getting to him and he starts to like her, he has to decide if keeping up his image is worth it. He does pretty well at keeping a straight face. There is a really funny scene at a bowling alley. Another time, when she gets ice cream on her nose, he first says, “I’m not going to wipe it off,” but then he does. With a grin on her face, she smears ice cream on her lip, and I’m not telling you what happens next.

Do we recommend?

My husband and I watched this together and enjoyed it a lot. We liked the character progression as the newbies got better at their jobs and the other staff began to trust them. We liked watching our main couple becoming more comfortable with each other. Kairi slowly warms up and looks less aloof. Here he is with one of his pediatric patients. There is a part of the story involving sexual harassment, but there are no serial killers, at least. Mostly it’s wholesome and light, which is my favorite kind of show. It’s found on Viki. Let us know if you enjoy it too!

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  1. OMG! I loved this drama! I’ve watched it probably at least 4 times since the day it came out on Viki. I discovered and fell in love with the actor Takeru Satoh as a hot samurai in the Ruoroni Kenshin movies. But seeing him as a tsundere hot doctor in this contemporary drama put me over the top. <3

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