Top 5 Kpop MVs: Variety is the Spice of Life!

This week’s choice music picks are an eclectic bunch – a little sass, a dash of funk, a pinch of swag, some happy grooves, plus smokin’ hot vampires coming right up! I’m definitely dancing my way through this great list of comebacks – join me, won’t you?!

Ailee – “Don’t Teach Me”

Every time I hear Ailee sing, I fall in love with her rich vocals all over again! She is back with a new full length album and bringing ALL the bold and sassy jazz vibes with her title track “Don’t Teach Me.” The soul she brings to her performance is absolutely fantastic! 

EPEX – “Do 4 Me”

This 8-member rookie group is bringing all the funk-pop love with their first comeback “Do 4 Me.” The cute styling of the music video is fitting for these boys, who sport an average age of seventeen! (Why are they getting younger every year?!) ANYways – lots of head-bopping fun to be had with his track!

The Boyz – “Maverick”

The Boyz are back in town and they are rolling in HOT with their new song “Maverick.” The heavy EDM beats, dark and gritty theme, and punchy chorus make for a very powerful and intense ride. Full warning, this is an ear-worm and you will find yourself singing ‘I’m a- I’m a maverick” at the most random moments! 

Astro’s MJ – “Happy Virus” (feat. Kim Tae Yeon)

This debut solo single from Astro’s MJ is totally befitting of its name – “Happy Virus” is, well, bright and happy! With its groovy pop-trot beat and guest appearance from the adorable, up-and-coming Miss Trot singer Kim Tae Yeon, this song brings all the sunshine vibes!

ATEEZ – “Deja Vu” (Vampire ver.)

NO ONE does Halloween better than ATEEZ! And I was thrilled that they continued their spooky performance tradition this year as well! The already haunting strains of “Deja Vu” made for the perfect song to showcase these eight gorgeous, vampire pirates! (Want to see more SpookyTeez? Check out their past Halloween stages here!)

Bonus Track: “DaLaBengBa”

One of my music loving besties shared this performance with me recently and I HAD to share with y’all as well! This is from a Chinese music competition show (Call Me By Fire), which gathered well-known and mature singers/rappers, dancers, and musicians to form temporary groups and who then created amazing remixed covers! Telling the folk story of a warrior’s journey to fight a dragon and rescue a princess, the power and beauty of this stage blew me away! 

What are some of your favorite performance stages? Share in the comments below!



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