Top 5 Kpop MVs: Dark and Light

Dark and light, black and white, bright yet grim — this week’s picks are all about showing contrasts through their MV concepts. Whether it’s dark and powerful, or bright and breezy, come find music that fits your current vibe!

Ghost9 – ‘X-Ray’

Ghost9 are back with the title track ‘X-Ray’ off their new mini-album ARCADE: V. The way the MV plays with variations of black and white, both in editing and clothes styling, was a striking yet subtle nod to the song’s title. Plus the chorus just grabs on and doesn’t let go! 

Kingdom – ‘Ascension’

The walk through history continues with rookie group Kingdom, as they focus on the Joseon period. Their latest song features beautiful period imagery combined with a fantastic mix of pop and classical Korean instrumentation! I especially enjoyed the creative choreography!! 

Dreamcatcher – ‘Masion’

I was SO excited for new songs from Dreamcatcher this week! I continue to be a fan of their rock-music sound and their new album does not disappoint! The contrast between dystopia and paradise was striking, and so was the way the bridge hits in ‘Maison’. Contrary to their song’s plea of “please someone fight for us,” I think these ladies are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves! 

Onew – ‘Dice’

Don’t let the bright colors fool you! The concept for Dice’s MV left me feeling more than a bit unsettled. BUT Onew’s voice is on point, as always, and his charming smile a happy distraction. This song will definitely be on my playlist, but I’ll stick to the audio only version myself! 

DKZ – ‘Cupid’

And now for something just light and sweet! Formerly known as DongKiz, this adorable group just dropped an equally cute new single. “Cupid” is a happy bop and the brightly filmed MV matches their energy and enthusiasm!

Bonus Track: Hong Jin Young – ‘Viva La Vida’

I just had to share this bright and breezy MV too! If you love trot music with a dash of Latin flavor, ‘Viva La Vida’ is the perfect song to hit the spot! Who’s ready to join me for a beach party this summer?! 

Did I miss your favorite new track this week? Drop by the comments and let me know!



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