Top 5 Kpop MVs: Sizzling Comeback Tracks

I’m super excited to share my MV picks this week, because this collection of songs are all hitting hard!! Whether you want to take a dive to the dark side with some grunge or hip-hop OR you need a mood boosting dance party, I’ve got you covered – just turn up the volume and hit that play button!!

J-Hope – ‘MORE’

BTS recently announced that their members would be pursuing solo endeavors and I’m THRILLED that J-Hope was the first to drop a new single!! From his upcoming album Jack in the Box, ‘More’ explores a funky grunge sound and delves deep with powerfully raw raps. It’s fantastic! And I’m totally in love with J-Hope’s styling in the video too – smokey emo eyes for the win!

ENHYPEN – ‘Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)’

This new hip-hop track from ENHYPEN is departure from the signature sound they cultivated during their debut album series. . . And I kind of love it! Considering they do not have a dedicated rap line, I was really impressed that they pulled this genre off so well – the vibe felt reminiscent of early hip-hop BTS!!

Youngjae – ‘Sugar’

GOT7’s Youngjae is currently promoting his new solo album Sugar and I was immediately addicted to this sweet bop! The vocals, the energetic guitar rhythm, and the bright styling of the video all combine to make this a fun song that will have you also singing, ‘more, more, more’! 


This summer song from WINNER was a bit unexpected, but I’m not complaining one bit! Even though the rocker outfits starkly contrast the bright and cheesy set design, their mix of vocals and raps is perfect!! This is yet another track that has me hitting the repeat button again and again.


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to find out MCND was having a comeback!! This group is so underrated – they have strong vocals, a powerful rap line, and a uniquely groovy, hip-hop sound! I need to learn the choreo for this dance asap, because this song is total MOOD and I wanna join the party!!

Bonus Track: ONEW – ‘Life Goes On’

This video was just SO cute, that I had to share – even singing in Japanese, ONEW’s honey vocals are perfection! And is it just me, or is he getting younger with each comeback?!

This summer is chock-full of comebacks! Which ones are you most excited about?? Share your faves with me in the comments below!! And while you’re commenting, you can listen to this week’s tracks right here on YouTube:



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