Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer Picnic Potluck

A little bit of pop/rock/show tune feels and boppin’ beats – it’s like a picnic basket filled with all your favorite tasty treats! Come check out this week’s summer potluck playlist and see which new songs will satisfy your Kpop music cravings! 

Gaho – ‘Beautiful Night’

I was surprised and totally delighted to see Gaho drop a new single this week! As always, his voice is gorgeous! I’m loving the pairing with this synth-pop song. The MV might also be talking to my inner-teen self – maybe a trip to the local roller rink this Friday night is in order?!

TO1 – ‘Drummin’

TO1 is proving their recent rebranding to be a big success. This upbeat and energetic title track will definitely get you up and dancing!! The colorful and quirky MV is the perfect companion to the song’s bright and bouncy sound.

Purple Kiss – ‘Nerdy’

The magical and slightly spooky concept Purple Kiss has been developing since debut continues with their newest song ‘Nerdy’. The violin part during the bridge might just be my favorite bit!  These girls aren’t afraid to be different – I really admire that they are confidently breaking the cookie-cutter, kpop girl group mold.  

Stray Kids – ‘Time Out’

New mixtape from Stray Kids?! YES PLEASE!! The pop-rock vibes, combined with the sunny beach backdrop, are perfection for this island girl!! Usually SKZ gives us a healthy dose of rap verses, but they are rocking the vocals in ‘Time Out’ and I am loving it!!!

Soo Hyun – ‘The Soju Fairy’

U-Kiss member Soo Hyun recently released a new mini-album featuring the title track ‘The Soju Fairy’. The song, plus the MV styling, was reminiscent of a stage musical number – a delightful departure from the usual kpop fare that hits my TV screen. 

Bonus Track: Young K – ‘Moon River’

As an Audrey Hepburn fan, I absolutely loved this simple acoustic guitar + vocals cover of ‘Moon River’! Just close your eyes and let Young K’s beautiful, warm voice gently wrap around your heart.

There you have it, Kpop fans! Which new song has you wanting a second serving?? Drop down to the comments below and let me know!



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