Top 5 – Kpop MVs: Delightful Discoveries

Between getting my kids prepped and back to school (yes, we start eeeeearly here!) AND following all the comeback activities of my favorite Kpop group (*coughATEEZcough*), the last two weeks have been a bit of an exhausting blur! However, I am excited to share these 5 new songs that were a delightful discovery for me this week – come check them out!!

ONF – ‘Your Song’

In an unprecedented move, all five Korean members of ONF began their military service at the end of 2021. Knowing that this group absence would be difficult for their fans, they prepared a special album!! Complete with 5 new songs and 5 remastered favorites, the title track ‘Your Song’ is a beautiful ode to all who are anxiously awaiting their return! 

Cravity – ‘Boogie Woogie’

In their first all English track, Cravity ask us to take their hand and join them in dancing along to this bouncy beat! “A little boogie woogie is all I need”  – yep, this track is CLEARLY going to be on repeat for the foreseeable future! 

Girls’ Generation – ‘Forever 1’

Can you believe it’s been FIVE years since their last album drop?! In one of THE most anticipated comebacks this year, the ladies of Girls’ Generation have arrived in style! ‘Forever 1’ is a perfect testament to their timelessness – the chorus an absolute anthem! I adore it!

Junny – ‘Not About You’

Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter, Junny, just dropped a new album! I wasn’t familiar with this artist before, but I’m digging his title track ‘Not About You’. Don’t let the cute smile and smooth vocals fool you: this is definitely an angsty, pop-ballad about the heartbreak of lost love.

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Strawberry Cake’

The new Xdinary Heroes album has been a staple on my current music playlist since it’s release last month, and I was thrilled to see they released another MV for one of their b-side tracks!! I really love the punk-band vibe these guys are rocking. If you haven’t had the chance to check out their whole album yet, just dive in – you won’t regret it! 

What new songs have caught you by surprise recently?? Share your unexpected discoveries with me in the comments below!! You can also watch this week’s MVs right here:



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