Kmuse’s Book Reviews (March 7th, 2023)

So many great books are out there and I have several that might just tickle your fancy. Come find out what I recommend this week and see if your next five-star read is on my list.

Just My Type by Falon Ballard

I am not always a fan of second-chance romances, but Just My Type worked for me. I loved Lana and Seth and their competition to win their dream job. The mix of discovering what is truly important and romantic bantering was fun and kept the plot moving. This book is a fun low-angst romance with a satisfying HEA.
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Liar City by Allie Therin

I loved this book. It was unexpectedly a fun read full of stellar character development and engaging mysteries. It was a fresh take on the saturated urban fantasy genre and it felt very grounded. Reece is my new favorite character and watching him run around Seattle causing havoc was delightful. I could have easily spent hours more in this world — I can’t wait to read the author’s next novel.

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The Cabinet of Dr. Leng by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I have been meaning to try a Preston Child book for so long, and I am so glad I finally made the plunge. I love the writing style, the mystery, and the thoroughly fleshed-out characters. Even coming into the end of a long-developed series, I didn’t have problems figuring out what was going on and becoming super invested in the story. I give The Cabinet of Dr. Leng 5/5 stars and cannot wait to read the continuation of this story.

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Nobody Puts Romcoms in the Corner by Kathryn Freeman

Nobody Puts Romcoms In The Corner was a fun and entertaining take on the traditional romantic comedy genre. I was totally on board for 90% of the story. The last few chapters, when Beth and Harry’s relationship hit a snag, were rough. It felt like everyone was being too literal and didn’t have the organic charm of the rest of the story. I think that with age, the cliché breakup before the final act just isn’t working for me anymore and this one didn’t work, but the rest of the story was a joy to read.

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