Top 8 Kpop MVs: Hyping Up the Rookies

Whether it’s a freshly debuted group or the first comeback for a rookie team, new music from fresh faces drops almost every week. It can be hard to keep up with all the new songs and names, so I’m here to help! These eight talented groups are working hard to make a name for themselves — will their music and performances win you over?? Let’s dive in!!

*For those readers who might be new to Kpop, the term ‘Rookie’ is used to refer to a group that has debuted and been performing for less than two years!

BXB – ‘Fly Away’

Debuting in January 2023, the five-member boy group BXB (Boy By Brush) boasts some strong vocals! Their song and MV for ‘Fly Away’ is giving me serious early 2010’s kpop vibes. And I am LOVING the super deep tone raps from member Hyunwoo!!

n.SSign – ‘Salty’

n.SSign (Net of Star Sign) is a 7-member idol group formed from the survival show Stars Awakening. ‘Salty’ is a fantastic pre-debut track — the bright and groovy sound had me bopping along immediately!! Looking forward to this team’s official debut!

TNX – ‘Love or Die’ 

From Psy’s label, P Nation, TNX (The New Six), is serving up some very angsty-teen rock-beats in their first comeback album. Not even a year old, but this team puts on a solid performance and are strong up-and-comers!!

Limelight – ‘Honestly’

I was instantly captivated and am enjoying the refreshing harmonies and bright concept of the girl group trio Limelight! Their February 2023 debut album features 3 songs, all of which have an a capella version — their vocals are just lovely!!

TAN – ‘Fix You’

Created from the survival show Extreme Debut: Wild Idol, Tan just dropped their first anniversary album! Their title track ‘Fix You’, with its captivating chorus vocals, will instantly have you singing along.

TRENDZ – ‘New Dayz’

Since their debut in 2022, the seven-member boy group Trendz has released a total of four single-type albums. Their newest release, which highlights the title track ’New Dayz’, is a total dance bop!! This song and MV just feel like a raw anthem of youth!

&Team – ‘Under the Skin’

&Team is the much awaited and highly anticipated, multinational boy group from Hybe Labels Japan! Familiar faces K and Taki (eliminated from the reality show I-Land) now perform as part of this 9-member team. I’m loving the gritty rock vibes of their December 2022 debut album title track!!

Xikers – ‘Tricky House’

The first rookie group I’ve followed all throughout their pre-debut activities, Xikers, is the newest boy group from KQ Entertainment. Ateez has set the bar high, but I’m delighted to tell you that all 10 members of Xikers have enthusiastically risen to the challenge!! Their performance skills and stage presence are both super strong — I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this team!!! 

Do you have any rookie groups you are cheering on recently?? Drop the team name(s) in the comments, so we can shine a light on ALL the amazing talent in Kpop!!



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2 thoughts on “Top 8 Kpop MVs: Hyping Up the Rookies

  1. Thanks for this post, would not have known about any of these groups except &team otherwise. Favs were “Fly Away” and “Tricky House,” enjoyed “Honestly” for all the pink! (my fav color).

    Also learned that there are quite a lot survival to idol group shows?! I’ve seen I-land on YouTube (Sunoo my favorite kid) and heard of Produce 101 and I believe Boys planet is a survival show based on youtube recommended videos, but seems to be a whole side business with just shows for debut.

    • Yeay!! So happy you found some new groups to keep an eye on!

      And yes, there are SO many survival-to-idol group competitions ~ in addition to Boys Planet, there is also one called Peak Time that is currently airing.
      I watched I-Land while it was airing, but it was so stressful to see such talented kids be eliminated and sent home… I always end up falling in love with all the contestants, so it’s easier on my momma heart to just wait for the final group to debut!

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