Top Kpop MVs: Rockin’ into Summer

It’s official, summer break has begun at my house! And what better way to kick-off the next few months of no alarms, no schedules and fun in the sun, but with some new tunes to add to your summer soundtrack playlist?! This week’s songs are all worthy of wearing out that replay button. Don’t believe me? Come and see for yourself!!

BLITZERS – ‘Macarena’

I never, EVER thought I would need the Macarena reimagined as a Kpop song. But the Blitzers have gone and done just that and, I have to admit, I’m 100% behind this homage to the viral 90’s original!! That bass beat during the chorus immediately sucked me in — throwback vibes for the win! (Gentle viewer warning: the MV does feature images of zombies – if you prefer, you can enjoy the zombie-free performance version HERE instead!)

EPEX – ‘Sunshower’

Epex definitely got me up and dancing along with their newest comeback title track. ‘Sunshower’ reeled me in with the opening strains of jazzy trumpet and I happily stayed for this bright and sunny bop, every bit deserving of its name!

Xdinary Heroes – ‘Freaking Bad’

Xdinary Heroes has been consistently bringing great songs with each and every release, and I’m loving all the head-banging, rock band vibes of ‘Freaking Bad’!! I’m also impressed by the variety tracks they included on their recent album Deadlock — absolutely recommend giving it a spin! 

iKON – ‘U’

After falling in love with this group a couple years back, during Kingdom: Legendary War, I was super excited to check out their recent album! Pack your bags and get ready to roll, it’s party time with iKON!! The dance club beat, groovy vocals, and Bobby’s tight raps all combine perfectly to make ‘U’ an instant summer playlist favorite! 

Enhypen – ‘Bite Me’

Continuing to pursue their vampire-themed concept (impressively spanning every album since debut), Enhypen’s newest title track ‘Bite Me’ quickly sank its teeth into me! From the haunting opening vocals to the beautiful couples’ dance choreo during the chorus, I’m happily hypnotized!!

As we jump into June, the comebacks are coming in hot and heavy— I’m counting down the days until we hear new songs from BTS, ATEEZ, Kang Daniel, and SHINee! Which groups/soloists are at the top of your comeback watch list? Share with me in the comments below!!



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  1. You always give me new songs to add to my playlists! Thank you. U by Ikon immediately added to my spotify kpop playlist. Bite Me was already there.

    • Awesome!! Glad I can help keep the good tunes coming with more additions for your playlist!! Can’t go wrong with iKon and Enhypen!! 😁

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