Top 6 Kpop MVs: Running with the Rookies

I can’t believe this is my THIRD post this year to share more rookie groups! I’ve lost count how many new group have debuted in 2023 alone. While there has been some debate as to whether we are launching into “5th Gen” era of Kpop groups, one thing is for sure. . . there is no shortage of new talent to follow!! Let’s take a look at some more of these fresh faces, shall we?!

from20 – ‘Beat It’

from20’s new single, both in name and style of music, is giving me some strong 80’s Michael Jackson vibes. I really enjoyed the powerful beats and intense choreography of this solo artist!  


Ranging in age from 23-14, this seven-member Filipino group was trained in Korea and has debuted globally! I love their upbeat sound and cute styling — I hope we will be seeing more from this team!!

The Wind – ‘Summer Vacation’

A high-school-aged septet, The Wind members (ages 19-15) are another set of bright and shiny youths to the Kpop scene! My teen daughter and I adored the wholesome and breezy vibe of ‘Summer Vacation’!  

iCHILLIN’ – ‘Kick-Start’

In a sea of new girl groups, iCHILLIN’ is bringing all the teen spirit and energy with this title track from their second EP! Love the colorful MV and I can’t help but join in on the chant during the bridge!!

TIOT – ‘Unbeatable’

TIOT (Time Is Our Turn) released a pre-debut album recently, with plans to officially debut in 2024. I was captivated by their strong yet playful rock sound and enjoyed the balance between raps and vocals — the second half of the chorus is so smooth!! 

POW – ‘Favorite’

Another pre-debut release featuring some rock guitar vibes, ‘Favorite’ is giving me all the carefree end-of-summer vibes! Will be keeping an eye out for their official debut album drop, coming soon!!

Bonus Track: TEAM 24:00 – ‘4:ever’

Those who watched the recent music show Peak Time are probably already familiar with this unit. Comprised of four members from previously disbanded groups (B.A.P., B.I.G., Argon & Xeno-T), they unfortunately didn’t win the final round of competition. . . but I am always a big supporter of the underdogs! I enjoyed their harmony and am hoping that this team will be able to launch out together and continue performing!

Are you still running with me?? Which rookies are you keeping tabs on this year?! 



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    • Yeay! So happy my posts have helped you add more great music to your playlist!! I definitely enjoy C-pop as well – however I’m not as familiar with groups from China. Being fluent in Korean makes it a bit easier to keep up with K-pop! 😉 That being said, I’m an avid fan of Hua ChenYu, love listening to WayV and NEXT, and recently a friend shared the artist Nana OuYang with me (she has a great vibe!). I did do a post last year hightlighing Chinese artists (you can check it out here: ☺️)! If you have any names you think I should check out, do let me know – I’m always excited to try out new music!!

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