Top 8 MVs: Daebak Kpop

I love when I pull a list of new songs together and realize there is something for everyone! Are you looking for music from 4th Gen leaders? Check! Maybe a Kpop song in English? Check! New soloists? Check! K-band? Japanese boy group? Or perhaps a special collab? Check, Check, and CHECK! This is the perfect variety of fabulous MVs — come see if you agree!!

Stray Kids – ‘LALALALA’

Stray Kids are back and kicking off their return with an invitation to ROCK! This high-energy title track has the perfect mix of SKZ rap runs, vocal breaks, and a chorus that will have you up and dancing along! And can we talk about how fantastic Felix looks with blue hair?! 

P1Harmony – ‘Fall In Love Again’

The opening lines had me swooing, and then I totally fell in love with the vocal harmonies!! This new (mostly) English single from P1 Harmony might have a western styling, but the rap breaks in Korean bring everything full circle back to Kpop! I can’t help myself—I just keep playing this one over and over and over. . .

Bang YeDam – ‘Miss You’

Bang YeDam recently ended his contract as a member of the boy group Treasure. And this first single as both soloist and producer is an absolutely beautiful piece! With just the piano as his canvas, his unique vocals paint a stunning pop ballad — loved the passion and emotion conveyed through this new single!!

The Rose – ‘Wonder’

I have loved every song from The Rose’s latest album Dual, but the all-encompassing sound and thoughtful lyrics of ‘Wonder’ keep drawing me back to this stand-out track! The simple, yet elegant, stage setting for the MV is perfect, allowing me to give my full attention to the music!! 

GreatGuys – ‘Deep In Love’

I’m going to be totally honest with you. . .  I had NEVER heard of this group before today. So I looked them up and was SUPER surprised to find out they have been active since 2017!!! Not sure how they managed to fly under my radar for so long, but I’m sure glad I stumbled across this new release! Loved their upbeat sound and colorful MV — I will definitely be looking into the rest of their discography!

Giuk – ‘Scratch’

With their main vocalist away on military duty, the remaining members of ONEWE have been putting out some great solo works, and this new song from Giuk (formerly Cya) is no exception!! The rock piano added an interesting depth to the music and Giuk’s distinctive vocals made this track an automatic add to my playlist!! 

&TEAM – ‘War Cry’

Hybe’s Japanese boy group, &TEAM, is back with a new album (First Howling: NOW) and the title track is a powerful and intense roller coaster ride! They might be a rookie group, but you’d never guess, based on the polish and screen presence seen in this MV!! (For my fellow I-Land watchers, did you spot Taki?? He’s grown up so much, I didn’t even recognize him here!!!)

SoYeon, Winter, & Liz – ‘Nobody’

Coming together from (G)I-DLE, aespa, and IVE, this collaborative trio makes an impactful addition to this week’s list of music. A special mix of rap and vocals set to a groovy retro beat, ‘Nobody’ is an unexpected treat! Love seeing artists from different groups joining forces to create something new ALL fans can enjoy!!

Did you find a new song that is the perfect fit for your music taste? Drop down to the comments and share your fave find!! 



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