Top 6 Kpop MVs: Boy Band Showdown!

2023 is quickly coming to a close, and these last two weeks have been a crazy flurry of boy groups crowding the calendar with their respective comebacks! Amazing title tracks from 3rd Gen, 4th Gen and rookie groups are keeping me hyped! Come check out these choice MV picks and tell me (if you can) who came out on top?!

ENHYPEN – ‘Sweet Venom’

Enhypen is back with their brand of sultry disco-pop in ‘Sweet Venom.’ Just like its name, this new song feels both enticing and dangerous! I’m most delighted by the Michael Jackson influences in both their choreography and MV styling!! 

THE BOYZ – ‘Watch It’

‘Lip Gloss’ was a fun summer bop, but ‘Watch It’ is bringing all the bad boy vibes. Thankfully, The Boyz easily excel at both concepts! Smooth, airy vocals carry the lead-up of the verses, while the drop into growling lyrics fits the intensity of the chorus. The balance is perfect – just go watch it! 

VIXX – ‘Amnesia’

VIXX has dropped their first album in five years, and they offer more proof that post-military comebacks are strong contenders on the kpop scene! Beautiful vocals, stunning visuals and strong choreo create an unbeatable trifecta in ‘Amnesia’!!

MCND – ‘Odd-venture’

I’m SUPER excited y’all — MCND is baaaaack!!! The opening, wild-west-infused twang of ‘Odd-venture’ immediately drew me in, and the groovy, smooth chorus sealed the deal. I really love the unique color and styling they bring to their music. Definitely check out the rest of the album here!!

ATBO – ‘Must Have Love’

Beginning to feel the stress of the holidays? Why not take a break and enjoy this sweet new single from rookies ATBO. The honey vocals, bright smiles, and cozy styling make this the song equivalent of a perfectly iced Christmas cookie! And who doesn’t like cookies?!

ATEEZ – ‘Crazy Form’

My favorite pirates have returned!!! They are continuing their dystopian rebellion in style with their new song ‘Crazy Form’. Loving the ATEEZ-flavored sound of this EDM-based track that incorporates both tribal and Latin elements throughout!! And the MV is just a lot of fun as well! (Bonus: the new album features unit songs for the first time and they are excellent — you can listen to ALL the tracks on THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL here!!)

It’s too hard to pick favorites. . . I added ALL these new tracks to my playlist! How about you??



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