Top 5 Kpop MVs: Unwind from the Day

Life can be hectic and intense! As a mom of four, there’s not much downtime in my days. However, having a playlist of calming songs at the ready is a great way to sneak in some moments of rest. So, whether you need to wind down (or maybe cheer up?), I’ve got five new ballad tracks that are certain to help you combat the all stress and relax a bit!! Come join me as I grab a cup of tea and hit play —

Yun Jeong Hoon – ‘In Our Dream’

I could just listen to this ballad and, more specifically, Yun Jeong Hoon’s gorgeous voice all day long! And bonus, he’s talented on the guitar as well!! Definitely enjoying the calming vibes of this debut single.

JUNNY – ‘Promise’

Junny has beautiful and bright-yet-smoky vocals (and an adorable face to match!) in this new jazz-ballad single! The urban-themed MV matches the mood of the song perfectly. Look forward to hearing more from this Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter!  

dori – ‘2 O’CLOCK’

This song immediately had me bopping along from the intro beats! From dori’s clear vocals to his sweet smile to the clean and bright MV backdrop, this video is equal parts sunny and simple. Can’t help but fall in love with this cheery ballad!!

I.M. – ‘Slowly’

The members of MonstaX are currently sharing solo projects as they cycle thru their mandatory military service, and I’m falling for this new ballad from the rapper maknae. The contrast of I.M.’s warm and deep vocal tone and the cool snowy backdrop of the MV is absolutely perfect!! 

Yong Jun Hyung – ‘Fall Into Blue’

Former Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung dropped this new single recently, and the doo-wop style, piano-led melody pulled me right in! Even though it’s a sad song, I still find myself unconsciously swaying along to the bittersweet beat. 

BONUS TRACK: LAS – ‘Sun Flower’

This singer-songwriter/producer duo popped up on my feed a while back and I had to include them as a bonus track — they have a beautiful harmony (and you know I’ve got a HUGE soft spot for good harmonies) in this song. ‘Sun Flower’ just makes me feel happy! 

Did you find some new favorites to add to your playlist?! Tell me which song you most connected with in the comments below!!



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