A Fangirl’s Book Review: Flower Boy Tour Guide

Many many years ago I came across a blog and couldn’t stop laughing. It was witty, entertaining, and had a unique writing style that was very engaging. Through a series of comments, the blogger and I (a noobie to the blogging game) became friends. Eventually, real life caused this blogger to no longer be able to blog full time and she decided to join the DWASOK family. During the summer you are privileged to experience this blogger’s entertaining reviews. Yup, I am talking about our very own DramaRookie. So I am equally as excited that she spent the last year working on a Kaddict themed novel Flower Boy Tour Guide. The book I will be reviewing today.
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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 13: The day the word Bulldozer changed forever

I picture a What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim fan driving to work in the morning and passing a construction site. She spots a bright yellow appliance with the giant bucket on the front and lapses into a dreamy reverie as the friend that carpools with her wonders why she’s smiling at a bulldozer. The passenger may silently consider if the driver has gone insane, but don’t worry. Drama fans understand.

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