Fangirl Stalking: The Idol Actress Edition Part 2


Drama Geek and I are back with more Idol Actress stalking.  This time we take a look at the filmography of Jung Eun Ji & Suzy.  Find out what dramas are must watch favorites and which can be cast back into the kdrama vault. Continue reading

Fangirl Stalking: The Idol Actress Edition Part 1


It is time for the girls to take center stage on our Fangirl Stalking segment.  Not only do we tend to focus on the men, but often we tend to be pretty critical when it comes to idol actors.  So Drama Geek and I decided to combine both females and idols and do a 5 part series on Idol Actresses.  The good, the bad, and the unwatchable.  Through this, we hope to help you find some great classic dramas as well as a new appreciation for actresses! Continue reading