The Fangirl’s Kdrama Roundtable: First Impressions

b1.jpgThe Fangirls are back to chat about all the newest dramas starting this last week.  Do we love them?  Hate them?  Also, be sure to let us know what your favorite show is.  You never know, maybe some positive words are all we need to try something new. Continue reading

The Vigilante Group is Assembled in 4 new Character Teasers and a Minute Long Trailer for “Neighborhood Hero”


Now this is more like it.  I was a bit sad when Neighborhood Hero‘s first teaser was so short, and lacking in anything other than a mysterious man running in a track suit.  I was also wondering if they were going to try and pretend Park Shi Hoo was not the actual lead.  But YAY!  Here he is looking pretty good. Continue reading