Side of Kdrama Gossip: Teaser Edition

collagehI am just going to throw these out real fast since it is almost my bedtime and this fangirl is feeling sleepy.  And since they all came out on the same day I figured the easiest way to share is through a combined blog post.  Which means I get to go to bed and you get all the newest teasers and trailers all at once.  It’s a win-win for all!

 Descendants of the Sun

a5Let’s start with the one with the most buzz.  Yup, the drama juggernaut that is  Descendants of the Sun has released yet another scene.  I know that I should be paying attention to what is happening, but all I see is a very mature and sexy Song Joong Ki talking the leading lady.  He can talk to me anyday and I will just fangirl away. (I will put a better quality version up when it becomes available.)


Neighborhood Hero

collagesNext we get a double dose of character teasers from upcoming spy/vigilante action comedy Neighborhood Hero.  I continue to enjoy their character teaser releases and now we are introduced to the local detective and the big bad.


Vampire Detective


SQUEEE I saved the best for last!  Or at least, the one that was the most unexpected.  OCN just released a teaser for their upcoming TV lineup for 2016 and among all the footage is our first glimpse of the cast from Vampire Detective.  ACK!  Lee Joon as a vampire has this blogger beyond excited.  Not to mention I am so happy to see that the sexy blue vampire eyes are back with a vengeance.  So watch and enjoy.

Which 2016 drama are you most looking forward to?


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  1. Oh man!! Vampire Detective is going to be one of favs, I can just feeeeel et. And Descendants of the Sun is going to drive me batty with him being the mean alpha male, but I’m still watching

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