Proud of Love Episodes 4-6 Recap: Becoming a Man’s Man


It looks like the soul swap is here to stay since Zhi Zhou has not solved the problem of performing brain surgery on one’s own self, it is time for our OTP to learn to deal with their new bodies.  Which of course brings a whole new set of issues as they must learn to deal with their roommates and Shen Xi must convince everyone that she isn’t gay by being a real man’s man.  Continue reading

Proud of Love Episode 1-3 Recap: Kissing All The Wrong People

Who doesn’t love a good body swap drama?  It just so happens that we adore this trope which inspired Drama Geek & I to recap the new drama Proud of Love. So come join us as we share all our favorite hormone driven moments.  Because love is hard enough when you don’t have to worry about unexpected erections, boobs, and all the fun stuff that comes with switching sexes. Continue reading