Proud of Love Episode 1-3 Recap: Kissing All The Wrong People

Who doesn’t love a good body swap drama?  It just so happens that we adore this trope which inspired Drama Geek & I to recap the new drama Proud of Love. So come join us as we share all our favorite hormone driven moments.  Because love is hard enough when you don’t have to worry about unexpected erections, boobs, and all the fun stuff that comes with switching sexes. 2a2
Kmuse & Drama Geek are back to share with everyone our first ever Chinese drama recap.  OK, so maybe it is a web drama (not ready to tackle recapping any 40 + episode shows) which makes it the perfect subject to dip our Chinese recapping toes in.  Each episode is around 20 minutes so we will be combining 3 episodes at a time to make the length of a regular show.   We also do our recapping in broad strokes.  Which means, we don’t really enjoy sharing every scene as it happened.  We just choose our favorite moments and share our thoughts.  In case we miss anything that you really wanted to discuss, feel free to leave us a note in the comments and we would love to discuss.

Meet the Characters

Two group of dorm mates hanging out together create our drama’s cast.  So far, they are all kinds of fun crazy and I suspect that they will become all emotionally entangled as we go farther into the story.


Shen Xi


KMUSE: Shen Xi starts out as your standard Taiwanese style leading lady.  Very spacey, chipper, and just a tad bit dim.  Thankfully things started to look up once our OTP (One True Pairing) switched bodies.  I like her much more in the masculine personality than vice versa.

Drama Geek: KMUSE stole the words right out of my mouth. She’s cute, but a bit too much for my taste. When the actress has to start acting like a boy, she totally excels.


KMUSE: I did like the different take on the 2nd lead relationship with our main girl.  They have been “dating” for years.  Now that Shen Xi has turned twenty, she is ready to shout their relationship to the world….. and maybe finally kiss.  Unfortunately for her, her boyfriend Lu Tang, is not feeling as relationship motivated (more on that later.)

Drama Geek: She really is all full of gusto for this guy.

He Zhi Zhou


KMUSE: Introducing our genius scientist and leading man Zhi Zhou.  He has just transferred to the school and is rooming with Lu Tang, Wei Ren, &  Zhen Quan.  Zhi Zhou bases his life completely on science and common sense.  He also seems to not have had much interaction with the real world outside of his secretary who has to tell Zhi Zhou basic info about how to do things like normal people.

Drama Geek: Haha, the secretary is so cute and I’m a bit sad he doesn’t stick around longer. But he’d probably catch on to the body swap really fast. In his original form he is pretty par for the course when it comes to male leads but when he starts acting like a girl he makes me die laughing in almost every scene.


KMUSE: I find it amusing that dramas always show a man’s intelligence by whether he can solve a rubic cube or not.  If that is what it takes to be a genius, than consider me an idiot.

Drama Geek: LOL, yes when rich boys are babies they always place one of these by their bedside to help him become a genius one day.

Lin Lu Tang


KMUSE: Hello flower boy Lu Tang.  The boy who even the teachers crush on, Lu Tang is the long term secret boyfriend of our leading lady.  A relationship which is exposed to the world when Shen Xi proposes to him in front of the whole school.

KMUSE: I can’t be the only one that is getting some non-interested vibes coming from Lu Tang? His excuse of needing another two years to come to grips with marriage falls flat.  Not to mention, he seems pretty flustered anytime Zhi Zhou comes close.  Sure it might be their accidental kiss, but I am seeing something more.

Drama Geek: I think they hint at why he needs two years in episode 4, but I’m still not sure I’ve figured him out. He seems protective of her, and anytime Zhi Zhou touches her he pulls her away. But I’m still not convinced it’s her he’s worried about.

Yuan Wei Ren


KMUSE: Anyone who can lift their body weight by their penis and be comfortable feeling up another man’s muscles must be comfortable with his masculinity.  Right?

Drama Geek: I completely missed that it was his penis, because that part wasn’t subbed when I watched it. It makes his character so much better. I’m pretty sure the secretary put Zhi Zhou with these particular three guys on purpose.

KMUSE: I also like that Wei Ren seems to be very happy to help all his friends out in whatever weird stuff they are going through.  Got to love a good wing man.

Drama Geek: He really is up for anything and I love it.

Xia Wei Ye


KMUSE: I am actually interested to find out if she and Wei Ren are online buddies meeting finally in real life.  She says no, but I think she might be protesting to much.

Drama Geek: She’s totally his online sexting friend.

Chen Han

KMUSE: Cute, but still feeling out her character.  I look forward to seeing what personality quirks come out in the future.
Drama Geek: Same.

Huo Zhen Quan

KMUSE: Introduced as the master of masturbation, Zhen Quan is all talk and little actual action.  But he does provide a hilarious commentary to everyone’s romantic entanglements.  Also, his and Wei Ren’s bromance is pretty hilarious.  They have each other’s back.  Sometimes literally. (Drama Geek: Bahaha. The soap scene. Apparently you have to be very careful when picking up soap in a all male shower room in China.)

Dou Dou

KMUSE: This girl cracks me up!  So far Dou Dou is my absolute favorite side character.  Whether she is beating someone up with her crazy strength, broadcasting 2nd lead’s obvious man crush, or pranking her friends, she just rocks.
Drama Geek: I love Dou Dou so much. I knew the second they showed a creepy hand reaching out in the dark she was pranking them. I have a feeling she’ll be the one to help our OTP switch back. I’m not sure how, I just get that sense.

The Gay Question

KMUSE: It is a fun switch on the love triangle to have the 2nd lead interested in the leading man. Makes me a little sad that they were not both side characters so they would have a chance to make a hookup.
Drama Geek: I agree. These two have some pretty great chemistry. And 2nd lead guy only seems to get flustered by our leading man. 😉
KMUSE: I wonder how long it will take the Shen Xi to realize the truth.  Judging from the subject of her nightmares, her subconscious is already screaming at her.  I am expecting some pretty epic hijinks as Lu Tang falls in love with Zhi Zhou who is really Shen Xi stuck in Zhi Zhou’s body. My mind is already boggling at the upcoming complications.  This is going to be great.


Haunted Hookups


KMUSE: Let this be a lesson to everyone.  Spooky deserted buildings are in no way sexy.  They will not get you laid and more than likely you will find yourself injured…. or soul switched which is kind of worse.  Would much rather wake up with a broken leg than a penis.

Drama Geek: Are they standing in front of the mirror of Erised from Harry Potter? LOL. This girl is lucky that she wasn’t standing next to one of the other roommates when this happened. Her body would not be respected as much, I’m thinking.



Body Switch Zhi Zhou

There were so many great body switch moments, I think we need to split them up by person.


KMUSE: I was amazed at how much awesome comedy the writer fit into only twenty minutes.  Kudos for making this well used trope feel fresh and entertaining.

Drama Geek: I forgot how much I love a good body swap. When done well it can be hilarious. And they do not shy away from all the real problems one would run into if you were suddenly the opposite sex.

KMUSE: It looks like Zhi Zhou is going to be more comfortable with the whole situation.  It only makes sense since he is less emotional and has a scientific outlook.  Although the fact that he couldn’t figure out a bra was pretty hilarious.

Drama Geek: I loved how chill he was about going to the bathroom. She’s freaked asking did he”wipe it” and he’s like, of course. Again, she’s super lucky he ended up in her body.

KMUSE: The fact that these two are so comfortable with taking care of their own bodies, while being in an alternate body, was very entertaining.  I also really covet that sleeping mask.  It is adorable.

Drama Geek: The weirdest part about body swaps is always you touching and seeing your own body. Especially when you start falling in love with the soul inside your body.

Body Switch Shen Xi

KMUSE: Shen Xi is the exact opposite.  Her way of dealing with her new male body is to impulsively throw herself into figuring out how to live with never having to touch or see her penis.  Poor thing.

Drama Geek: Her dealing with his penis is HILARIOUS!! She called him over to hold it while she peed. Haha. Killed me. KMUSE: I will never look at chop sticks in the same way.

KMUSE: Shen Xi is also the one who tries the traditional fairytale style solution and attempts a recreation of their accident.  Hoping that through this they will switch back.  I about died laughing as Zhi Zhou was mostly upset that he could force his real body into submission so easy, avoiding another smooch.  These two really are opposites.

Drama Geek: Her solution is straight up from a Japanese drama I watched. Or at least I watched the first two episodes of. It didn’t work in that one either. LOL.

KMUSE: This switched body situation also led to one of my favorite scenes where Wei Ren, &  Zhen Quan taught Shen Xi (as Zhi Zhou) how to navigate the showers without having to bend over to pick up the soap.  OH MY WORD, I about died laughing.

Drama Geek: See my comment above about the soap scene.

KMUSE: And of course, we couldn’t end the episode without things getting super awkward.  One’s reaction to a crush is totally different when you are a female.  As Shen Xi learns as her boyfriend enters the shower all glistening and perfect.  Poor girl, not only does she have to figure out the whole boy thing, but also has to learn how to hide boners.  Being a boy just sucks.

Drama Geek: Excuse me while a role on the floor in painful laughter. Okay, I’m back. I LOVE that this show is not shying away from the reality of being a girl suddenly plopped in boy’s body and in very close proximity of her long time crush. I kind of feel sorry for my currently pubescent son. And I’m so happy the boner stick doesn’t go away in the next episode. I’m sure they’ll tone it down (I’m really not even trying here, guys.) after a while, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


I am so excited that we have committed to recapping this one.  Since all the episodes come out so quickly, it will be more random on posting.  Mostly, just when we can fit it into our schedules.  But be sure to check back and experience this awesome awkward show along with us.  CLICK HERE for new subbed episodes and join us again soon.

Until the next bonerific episodes,

Kmuse & Drama Geek

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  1. So far He Zhi Zhou has dealt with being a female calmly, but there’s one big downside to being a woman that he hasn’t had to deal with yet. I’m just wondering if he’ll approach the arrival of a woman’s monthly visitor with the same equanimity that he has everything else.

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