Proud of Love Episodes 4-6 Recap: Becoming a Man’s Man


It looks like the soul swap is here to stay since Zhi Zhou has not solved the problem of performing brain surgery on one’s own self, it is time for our OTP to learn to deal with their new bodies.  Which of course brings a whole new set of issues as they must learn to deal with their roommates and Shen Xi must convince everyone that she isn’t gay by being a real man’s man. 

Male Anatomy Is Not Fun When Living With One’s Crush

KMUSE: BWAHAHAHA! This is so wonderfully hilarious.  I can’t even imagine the trauma of suddenly finding that a part of your body has a mind of its own.  Also, Shen Xi’s (going to just use the name of the soul, not the body….) expression when trying to push it back down are epic.

Drama Geek: I can’t even imagine. Seriously, waking up to close to the guy you’re crushing on and finding out that your thoughts are directly connected to an uncontrollable appendage is just too much. And Shen Xi was already wary of that part of the body. I love body swaps when they get real about things.

Becoming the Big Boss

Shen Xi decides that she needs help if she is going to become the type of man that wouldn’t embarrass poor Zhi Zhou so she goes to her roommates for help with varied results.

  • The Three Second Gaze Technique

KMUSE: The three-second gaze is a technique where the man, or in this case Shen Xi, stares for three seconds into a girl’s eyes then shifts his eyes to the ground….. then back up….then down & repeat.  Shen Xi is so successful at it that there grows a line to be the subject of his gaze and he gets the nickname the three-second man.  Hahaha.  I guess this is one way to stop the gay rumors.  Sure gives you the reputation of a player, though.

Drama Geek: Um, if I asked any guy I know they’d tell you being called the three-second man is not what they’d want. LOL. And I’m pretty sure the line has more to do with the body and less to do with Shen Xi’s talent at staring women down.

  • The Man Club


KMUSE: Now that Shen Xi is adored by many women, Wei Ren &  Zhen Quan decide that he must become the big boss of their man’s club.  It is here that they talk about the mysteries of women and do……..hippy dances?  Did I miss why these dances were a thing?  I was laughing so hard I might have missed some important dialogue.

Drama Geek: You didn’t miss dialogue. I think they just do this to feel manly, don’t ask me why. I found it funny that the two roommates were doing it better than Shen Xi when she’s going to school for dancing and singing. I’m pretty sure this might be the actor’s fault. But he was so cute doing it.

  • Masturbation Should Never Be A Group Activity (Ew)


KMUSE: Finally, due to health reasons we will discuss later, Shen Xi must increase her natural boy hormones.  Once again she seeks the advice of Wei Ren &  Zhen Quan on how to properly pleasure herself.  At which point they decide, to Shen Xi’s horror, to have a group masturbation.  Uhm…… Is that really a thing?  All I can say is “ew” and thank goodness Zhi Zhou interrupted this specific male bonding moment.

Drama Geek: OH MY GOSH. Please say this isn’t a thing. That’s just so wrong. And the fact that once Shen Xi leaves they decide you can’t let a masturbation opportunity pass you by just makes it worse.

Getting Rid of Unsightly Hair


KMUSE: I can totally understand Shen Xi’s obsession with shaving her armpits.  I don’t think I would be able to stand tons of hair there either.  It was very funny that both of them dealt with their hair issues at the same time.  Just a note, I love Zhi Zhou with the shorter hair.  It just goes better with the masculine soul inside the body.

Drama Geek: I would shave my armpits too but I think if the leg hair was already at the length most men’s is, I’d just leave it. I hate shaving my legs. LOL. And I agree, her hair looks better shorter and fits his soul inside.

Gay or Not Gay… that is the question


KMUSE: I am starting to get the feeling that Tang Tang might not be gay.  Which is truly tragic since he is a lot more interesting as a gay character.  Without that, he is just boring vanilla with no oomph to his character.

Drama Geek: So true. He is just there in all his scenes. He is playing against a bunch of crazy characters but he’s still pretty boring.

KMUSE: At least we continue to get gender relationship confusion thanks to Shen Xi’s attraction to her boyfriend.  Can I just say that these two men have really great chemistry?  They practically sizzle anytime they are onscreen together.  Unlike Tang Tang and Shen Xi.  They are a snoozefest.

Drama Geek: I think it’s the actor that plays Shen Xi. He has great chemistry with everyone. And I agree, Tang Tang and the actress that plays Zhi Zhou do not have chemistry. I do think Tang Tang has chemistry with someone in this show but that person hasn’t appeared yet. :)


An Unexpected Development

KMUSE: I adore these two characters so much.  Especially when they are plotting on how to return to their real bodies.  This week they decided to recreate all of their interaction before they switched souls in the hope they can successful find the key.

Drama Geek: Everything they did to switch back was so awkward and hilarious. They are so awesome when they are together in the other person’s body.


KMUSE: Things become more complicated once our OTP (one true pairing) begins to rapidly age.  Within a day they are totally covered with gray hair and can barely walk upright. (They even make an adorable cranky older couple.  Love these two together so much.)

Drama Geek: I’m a little fuzzy on the Dr’s diagnosis but essentially neither of them have enough hormones surging through their bodies. They get a shot of hormones at the hospital and poof they are back to normal, but to avoid having to get frequent hormone shots they have to try to naturally up their hormone level. This is where I get a tad bit confused. They’re supposed to spend time with the opposite sex or doing things that get those hormones pumping. Thus the group self pleasure session. And going out on dates with the real opposite sex since they don’t seem to fit the bill for each other. I guess it’s like when you live in a rainy climate and you aren’t getting enough vitamin D so you either take a pill or go to the tanning bed. Time with the opposite sex is like laying in the sun.


KMUSE: I have totally been drama indoctrinated.  Piggyback rides are so adorable.  Even if I have to roll my eyes at the whole leg muscles locking up due to shots part of the plot.

Awkward Dating

Now that they have avoided the dreaded fate of aging, our two soul switched leads declare a truce and agree to help each other out in the reputation department.

KMUSE: Zhi Zhou agrees to attempt to date Tang Tang (UGH he bores me to tears) and in return, Shen Zi will date Wei Ye in order to fix Zhi Zhou’s ruined reputation.  Unfortunately, Zhi Zhou really sucks at dating.  Or at least he does when forced to wear uncomfy shoes and a bra.

Drama Geek: I love that Shen Zi is great at dating a girl. It’s actually not a surprise that a girl would know how to keep another girl happy. And for Zhi Zhou he just isn’t good at being social in general, but add the uncomfy bra and shoes and he’s just horrible. Note: I think guys should have to go one day while wearing a bra and stilettos before they can date.


KMUSE: The date turns even worse once Tang Tang explains why he isn’t interested in marriage.  The reason being that Tang Tang didn’t have a lifestyle up to the standards that he wanted for marriage.  This pissed Zhi Zhou off.  Angry accusations were yelled and there was stomping off by a moody Zhi Zhou who was soon doubling over in pain.  Next thing you see is a huge red mess on his white dress.  Hello, Aunt Flo.

Drama Geek: Oh… sweet. sweet, sweet boner karma. I also think all guys should have to go through the whole cycle of emotions, cramps, bloating, cravings and period. And I think it’s awesome that someone like Zhi Zhou, who is usually so in control of his emotions, had to feel what this is like.

Our Thoughts:


KMUSE: I am having so much fun watching this drama.  It is a tad bit risque but not where I feel uncomfortable.  At this point, I am tempted to watch the whole series RAW.  The only thing keeping me back is having to write these recaps.  Darn blogging responsibilities.

Drama Geek: If I thought I’d enjoy this show half as much not knowing what they were saying, I’d watch it raw, but so much of the funny is in what they’re saying. I love them so much playing the other person so I hope they don’t switch back anytime soon.

Check out the subbed episodes HERE on Viki.

Until the next bonerific episodes,

KMUSE & Drama Geek


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  1. The actor playing Shen Xi/ Zhi Zhou is totally me dancing. Shen Xi’s forced date with Tang Tang cracked me up even with Mr. Bland there to drag down the scene. I don’t know if it’s the actor, a terribly written character, or a combination but Tang Tang puts me to sleep whenever he’s onscreen.

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