A Side of Kdrama Gossip #5

740769_10151339056374222_1744075656_o.jpgI wasn’t planning on doing this post tonight, but then the best casting announcement ever came out and I had to shout it to the blogerverse.  My #1 bias is back!  That’s right.  Seo In Guk is coming back in a new drama.  OH, and there is other stuff too, but mostly excited for Seo In Guk!


 Police Unit 38


I will start with what I am most excited about, which of course is Seo In Guk’s comeback to dramaland, by way of a new crime drama on OCN.  Joining him will be some other actors I really enjoy, Ma Dong Seok (Bad Guys) & Sooyoung (Spring Day of My Life).  Police Unit 38 will be a crime comedy from the writer of Bad Guys and will deal with cops working with con artists to catch tax evaders.  And now I impatiently wait to find out more details.  Is Seo In Guk the cop?  Is he the criminal?  Do I really care since he would be smoking hot as either?  The new drama will be completely pre-produced before it airs and I suspect we will see it on the docket following Vampire Detective this summer.

The Pirates 2

seo-in-guk.jpgThe people behind the fun swashbuckling movie The Pirates are coming back with a sequel.  Same cast and probably the same combination of cheesy humor and action.  I am all on board since I will watch anything where Kim Nam Gil gets to sport a mane of glory.  Now if only he would do a quick drama before the filming for this started and I would be a happy fangirl.


Moon Lovers ( Korean version of Bu Bu Jing Xin )

1.pngOh my word.  There is so much eye candy at this script reading it is an impossible decision on who to stare at first.  I am actually surprised that they are keeping as many of the princes as they are (still a few shy of the C-version) and look forward to seeing how they translate this famous Chinese drama into a Korean adaptation.  Korean’s tend to have some hangups on certain romantic triangles that the Chinese don’t have, so I suspect there will be changes, but it will be interesting to see how many.



One positive is that the drama will be completely pre-produced so it can air in both Korea and China simultaneously. This means less messing with the script if netizens start to wine.  In my opinion, that almost always will help with the pacing and development of a drama.


Vampire Detective

12509766_922061117847832_792808826755043971_nI am so excited for Lee Joon’s new vampire drama that I might stalk the hashtag #VampireDetective a bit too much.  But all that hard stalking has finally turned out results as we get our first glimpse of their script reading.  Vampire Detective will be airing in 3 months following Neighborhood Hero.

Posters & Stills

Madame Antoine

Madame Antoine releases some last minute stills to try and entice viewers.  And while I love how glossy everything looks, I am still going into this one with one foot out the door.  Sorry, but I am just not feeling it so far.


And this ends our quick impromptu Kdrama Gossip post.  I must hurry off and see if I can uncover any new information about Seo In Guk’s new drama.  I promise to update the post if anything new comes to light.

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    • The best thing to happen to the drama industry was China not airing dramas til they are complete. Already the pre-produced dramas for the next year have doubled. Hopefully will help with a lot of glitches to the story caused by live airing.

  1. I am pleased to hear that they’ll be pre-producing Moon Lovers because of the Chinese market. That should slow down the “who gets who” romantic mayhem. Although, I’d like to know which aspects of the love triangles/rectangles/parallelogram you think might be different from Scarlet Heart?

    As for the rest, throw Sung Joon into Vampire Detective and I’d have really been happy.

  2. I don’t think they will have her love both men like the character did in SH. with the Korean 1 love concept being so extreme I think they will do a more traditional love triangle. Also I think they will make the lead less ruthless than the Chinese version.

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