The Fangirls Day 25 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated25.jpgThere are so many swoon-worthy leading men.  But would they make good real life significant others?  The Fangirls choose their favorite real life kdrama boyfriends.

DAY 25: Drama character you’d actually want to date (not just lust after).

CLKYTTA: Ahn Dan Tae from Beautiful Gong Shim.  I love how he’s goofy, but responsible and dependable. He can enjoy life, but he also knows that bad things happen and he tries to make the wrongs right. He’s not blinded by outer beauty, but sees what is inside and loves a girl for the whole package, not the pretty wrapping.  He’s the kind of guy who you can be yourself around and he will like you more for it.


Drama Geek: I almost said Seo Jung Hoo from Healer, but I’m not sure I can handle all the danger. Or maybe Choi Han Kyul from Coffee Prince. I mean, he went all in for her, that’s a pretty awesome boyfriend. I couldn’t handle piggybacking him when he got drunk though. Do Min Joon stops time for his girl, so he could be totally swoonworthy but there is that towel in the shower thing and I’m not sure I could deal. Then there’s Yoon Dong Ha from Witch’s Romance. I already know the age difference wouldn’t be a problem, so I’m ahead of the game there. But I just couldn’t take him from Ji Yeon. All right, I think I’ve rambled enough. I’ll go with Kang Ho Goo. He’s super loveable, doesn’t have chaebol parents, is the sweetest dad ever, and he just warmed my heart so much. (Though again, I’m not sure I could take him away from his beautiful family. LOL) I think I’ll just take Seo In Guk or Ryo Joon Yeol and tell them to ad-lib for me any of the character’s they’ve been before and I’ll be super happy and won’t have to steal the character from their OTP mate.


Kdrama Jen:  This is a TOUGH decision. Since there is a clear statement that this must be a character one would date and not just lust over, this requires some serious thought.  Clearly, I would have to sift through the second leads because they are almost always better choices for a stable relationship.  So, Chilbong (Yoo Yeon Suk) from Reply 1994 would have to make that list.  I also fell hard for Shi Woo (Jong Yong Hwa) from You’re Beautiful.  Seo In Guk in Master’s Sun would be a great choice too.  I kind of go for the geeky and sweet type, so leading men who fit that profile would be Park Bo Gum in Answer Me 1988 (and his baduk playing awesomeness.), and more recently, I think it has to be Ryo Joon Yeol’s adorkable character in Lucky Romance. Oh, but wait!  I kind of think it would be awesome to go out with someone who knows what I am thinking without any effort on my part, so Lee Jong Suk’s character in I Hear Your Voice might be my winner.  You know, I think this is an unfair question.  I like living in my fantasy world where I have created my own Kdrama Go game–I like to collect them all!

KMUSE:  This is a really hard question.  I agree that Ho Goo and Taek would make great real life boyfriends.  There is something about a guy who is extremely supportive that attracts me.  But since those two are taken, I will jump into my bag of drama men and go with Feng Teng from Boss and Me (Shan Shan Goes to Eat).  He is rich, intelligent, and surprisingly not an entitled jerk.  I just found him a very attractive character in personality and looks.


Who is your real life dream lead?  Let us know in the comments and come back tomorrow for a whole new challenge post.

See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls

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  1. What a tough choice! I swing between the ‘bad boy I’d love to reform/ comfort’ and ‘sweet boy whom I could love instantly’ types and there are so many to choose from. . . Oh, decisions!

    If I were a teenager – either Kim Yeol (Lee Won-geun) from Sassy, Go Go or Ji-hyuk (Sung Joon) from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Yeol is both smart and sensitive, and Ji-hyuk needs someone to hold him!

    As a young adult – Trash oppa (Jung Woo) in Answer Me 1994, or Lee Sang-woo in any of his weekend/ family drama characters. How does he always play the nice-guy-next-door types?

    As an older person – Seung-jae (not sure of the actor’s name) in Dear My Friends. Sweet, sensitive, witty and caring, and did you hear him sing to Hee-ja? Wow.

    If I lived in sageuk land – Kim Bong-do (Ji Hyun-woo) in Queen In-hyun’s Man. Without a doubt! Though an honourable mention goes to Bi-dam (Kim Nam-gil) in Queen Seon-deok. That boy seriously needs someone to love him.

    oops! Think I got carried away 😀

    • Great choices!! *thumbs up*
      Trash oppa is a fine husband material, some psychological issues aside (but who hasn’t some scars from their past, right?).

  2. Oh, Feng Tang! I forgot about him! I’m not usually interested in brawn over brains but right now I’m re-watching Sound of the Desert and I’m starting to really appreciate Wei Wu Ji (Eddie Peng’s character) a lot more than before. Hardworking, not stuck up, and someone who kept trying to protect the one he loved – even if he wasn’t sure she loved him. If he’s too young for me, I’ll take Lee Jae In (played by Kang Dong Won) from 1 % of Anything. Yes, impetuous and a bit full of himself but – once again – hardworking, fair and ready to give his all in love. *

    *(And I’m a sucker for Kang Dong Won’s eye bags. He’s got a whole set of matched luggage there and I love ’em.)

  3. Cha Hyun Suk (played by Lee Sang Yoon) in Twenty Again. Yeah I know he’s very much older than me but I can’t help but swoon over his caring attitude plus he’s smart and has a decent job. And his dimples! Aaww..totally swoon-worthy 🙂

  4. I have always considered that I was the driver of the red car that Joon Hee was waiting on at the end of Answer Me 1997. And that we went on a date by the river late at night after his high school reunion. Joon Hee was a great catch. Intelligent, successful, and just like me has a big family. It also helps that he’s got the moves.

  5. Oh Feng Teng, I loved his character!!! That’s a good one! I’m standing by my man, at least until the show is over. Lately all the endings to my dramas have been pretty meh, but I have high hopes I’ll still love him when it’s all said and done.

  6. Trash oppa and Ho-goo are cut out to be family men (obviously!). They are steady (almost) and even though they may look dull on our screens, their focus on their families is what most women need in a marriage.
    Vic Zhou in Mars is what a devoted boyfriend/future husband should be. Although he’s young and feverishly in love with danger (let’s overlook that part and give him the benefit of the young age, OK? 🙂 ), his choices are firm and he’s ready to fight for his love. The way he dealt with the sexual harasser- “professor” as well as the rapist step-“father” was both brave and heartbreaking. Every victim of domestic violence/sexual harassment would be grateful to have a loving and protective partner like Chen Ling.

  7. What a hard question!

    I just finished rewatching Discovery of Romance (yes from OHY bug), and even I can’t choose if I prefer Eric or Sung Joon’s character LOL and that’s only from 1 dramaverse.

    Dramaland, you spoiled us too much!

    I do know though that I do NOT wanna be with Lee Min Ho’s character in Heirs or Hyun Bin’s in Secret Garden.

  8. Please assume I’m age appropriate for whomever I list =p

    * Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) in Coffee Prince
    * Cha Hyun Suk (Lee Sang Yoon) in Twenty Again
    * Je Su Ho (Ry Joon Yeol) in Lucky Romance
    * Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) in Reply 1997
    * Hao Meng (Roy Chiu) in Marry Me Or Not
    * Xu Taiyu (Darren Wang/Jerry Yan) in Our Times (I’ll take it all from teenhood to adulthood – just gimme!)
    * Tony Leung as Zhang Wuji in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (but only if I’m Zhao Min)
    * Takeshi Kaneshiro in House of Flying Daggers (as long as I’m Zhang Ziyi’s Xiaomei)
    * Takuya Kimura in Long Vacation, Love Generation, Hero, or Pride

    Dammit! Can I just keep the triple T’s? (Tony, Takuya, Takeshi) Fine, one will do!

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