Kmuse’s Musings: A Mysterious Countdown


I reached into the suggestion bag for today’s topic.  One of our readers requested that we share our favorite dramas from the Mystery genre.  There are so many great crime shows out there, but these dramas stood out from the crowd.  So grab some popcorn and turn on all the lights in the house.  It’s time for some serious mystery and suspense!

#1 Signal


I have watched Signal three times so far since it aired.  Considering that it aired only six months ago, I think you can assume this is a new all time favorite.  And when it comes to mystery, there are mysteries within mysteries.  In other words, it is the turducken of mystery dramas.

Turducken 1

#2 Sign


It’s true, I am totally guilty of having a love affair with this writer.  Not only did she pen my all time favorite crime drama Signal, but also created this wonderful hidden gem of mystery.  Sign has some of the best killers out of any drama to date.  The mix of intense music and creative murder gave me chills more than once.


#3 Bad Guys


Do you like sexy psychopaths solving crimes?  Then Bad Guys is the show for you.  A fast paced mystery drama that focuses on whether criminals can be used to catch evil killers, Bad Guys expertly mixes hotness with suspense. This is also the drama you want to watch if you enjoyed the recently completed show 38 Squad since it is penned by the same writer.

#4 I Remember You


A wonderful suspense thriller involving a hot genius profiler and his kidnapped psychopath brother.  There are so many moments that makes one raise their eyebrow in appreciation….and not just because Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum are insanely attractive.  We will be discussing this drama in one of the Facebook groups I help administer in just a few weeks.  It is similar to a book group but for drama watching.  If you are interested in joining us, click HERE.


#5 Border


I almost always suggest Ouroboros when it comes to Jdrama mystery.  But I decided to be wacky and switch things up.  That is why I am throwing out the drama Border to promote my Oguri Shun obsession.  Shot in the head and suddenly able to see ghosts, this detective must decide how far he is willing to go to get justice for the deceased.  It is a wonderful look into vigilante justice.

#6 Love Me If You Dare

I obviously have a thing for dramas where the leading man might be a crazy killer.  We see this theme yet again in my Chinese drama pick Love Me If You Dare.  Our Chinese hottie goes deep into the psyche of serial killers.  But has he gone so deep that he is becoming a killer himself?  This is also my choice if you like a little romance with your murder.

This completes my picks for good mysteries.  Do you have a genre or specific topic you want to see in a future post?  Throw me a note in the comments and I will give my answer in upcoming Kmuse’s Musings.


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0 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: A Mysterious Countdown

  1. My list would include 2 others by the Signal writer as well, Harvest Villa and Ghost/Phantom. Harvest Villa was darkly hilarious which made it a change. There aren’t many good dark comedies anywhere. Oh and I forgot 3 Days, so my list would be all writen by the same person.

  2. Supernatural gifs make any blog post better. Despite my love for American mystery type dramas I have a harder time appreciating their Asian counterparts. I did love Signal and Bad Guys. I throw Tantei no Tantei in there and as mystery/thriller I really enjoyed.

  3. I just had this thought that maybe if Cheese in the Trap was shown ahead of Bad Guys, would it have been better for me to appreciate Park Hae Jin’s character in Cheese. But no, I know he was just acting in Bad Guys, his psycho character is just that, not scary or anything. But in Cheese, as Yoo Jung, I felt the coldness of his character that I don’t even want the girl for him coz no matter what he does for her is just perfunctory. Having him as a boyfriend is like walking in a landmine.
    If there will ever be a sequel to My Love from the Stars and there’s like a serial killer on the loose, I won’t be surprised if it turns out to Park Hae Jin’s Lee Hwi Kyung, heehee. He learned from the best, his brother as played by Shin Sung Rok. Yea, Park Hae Jin as a mysterious serial killer will surely be good. Perfect profile.

  4. I would recommend White Christmas, too. I thought it was quite well done despite the mainly (then) newbie actors.

    Thanks for the list! Must make time to watch those dramas (have only watched I Remember You).

  5. I’ve watched all except for “Border” and “Bad Guys”. Watched “Sign” when it first aired, it has an impressive cast and a great story. “Signal” for me, is by far the best Korean drama in it’s genre.

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