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I love starting a drama with no expectations and suddenly realize that the actors have great onscreen chemistry. Which brings us to our latest Fangirl’s Roundtable!  So join us as we chat about our favorite unexpected chemistry. 



Jealousy Incarnate – Jo Jung Suk (Lee Hwa Shin) &  Go Gyeong Pyo  (Go Jeong Won) Sure both of the guys have great chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin, but it is the surprisingly realistic bromance that grabbed me by the feelz and has me coming back.

Let’s Fight Ghost Couple – Taecyeon & Kim So Hyun (Park Bong Pal & Kim Hyun Ji) I was indifferent with this casting back when it was first confirmed.  Kim So Hyun is a strong enough actress to cover Taecyeon’s limited acting style.  This leaves Taecyeon free to be really pretty.  Surprisingly. it works. I even found myself tearing up once or twice.  Something that I never thought would happen in connection with Taecyeon.


Beautiful Mind – Jang Hyuk (Lee Yeong Oh) & Park So Dam (Gye Jin Sung) SQUEEEE!  I love this OTP so much.  Their awesomeness overcomes age, acting style, and episode cuts, to become one of my favorite couples of the year.  This still blows my mind since I didn’t have high hopes when I heard of their casting.  It is truly the best surprise of the year.


Secret – Hwang Jung Eum (Kang Yoo Jung) & Ji Sung (Jo Min Hyuk ) Hwang Jung Eum is one of those actresses whose dramas I usually enjoy, but not really for the OTP’s chemistry.  That all ended when she hooked up with Ji Sung because their chemistry was off the charts.  Sure it was a total dysfunctional crazy pants type of story, but those two made it work.



Reply 1988-Bo Ra (Ryu Hye Young) & Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo) I did not expect to fall completely in love with this couple.  I loved his unwavering devotion and her prickly way of showing her love. My favorite part was when she went and got new glasses because he said he liked her other style of glasses better.  This second love story was part of what made Reply 1988 so wonderful, we fell in love with all the characters.  I still want to move to that neighborhood.


Cheer Up-Kang Yeon Doo (Jun Eun Ji) &  Seo Ha Joon (Kim Ji Soo).  This show is the one that brought Ji Soo front and center to this Noona’s attention.  There was so much chemistry there that N’s character went from being the potential second lead to permanent friend zone, and Ha Joon completely stole our hearts even though we knew he wasn’t going to get the girl. This couple made my heart flutter when he raced off to find the lost Yeon Doo and she hugs him.  Yeah, I just watched that scene about 5 times again.


Let’s Drink-Kim Ki Bum & Gong Myung & Kim Dong Young. These three guys are cracking me up and stealing my heart.  I’m more invested in them than I am in the main couple.  They are rude and crude and sometimes way to brutally honest with each other, but you really feel like these guys are friends. I’m hoping that nothing happens in the future to bust this little bromance triangle apart.



Another Oh Hae Young – Park Soo Kyung & Lee Jin Sang. Okay, stick with me on this. Yeah, they had some awkward moments but it was only because their characters were supposed to feel that way. The actors were pretty sizzling when they wanted to be, and they made me laugh so hard. At the beginning I wouldn’t have guessed they’d be one of my favorite parts of the show by the end. I’m just sad we never got to see how goofy they were with their baby.


Signal – Park Hae Young & Cha Soo Hyun. These two really were partners and never had romantic feelings for each other. No one was going to steal Soo Hyun’s heart from Jae Han. But it didn’t stop the actors from having a few scenes that left me fanning myself and wondering what these two would be like if Jae Han wasn’t in the picture.


W Two Worlds – Soo Bong & Mad Dog. These two only had a few scenes together but they were hilarious in every second they were onscreen. So much so, I would love a spin off series with just them in it.

Let’s Fight Ghost – Choi Chun Sang & Kim In Rang. Speaking of spin off series. I want this one! I actually found myself wishing they’d maybe end up with each other not just as friends. LOL. These scaredy-cat ghost busters weren’t even on my radar before this started and at first I found them a little weird. But they had my whole heart by the end. And there isn’t anyone you’d want more by your side than these two.


This concludes our latest Fangirl Roundtable.  If you have any great chemistry combos, be sure to throw them up in the comment section!  The whole point of blogging is to share our drama love and we love hearing from our readers.

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  1. Go Kyung Pyo is Hyung material, that’s a given, coz he’s got that sweet face. On girls, he sizzles with feisty girls not just with Bo Ra but also with Kim Seul Gi in Flower Boy Next Door as the cranky webtoon editor.
    Odd Couple Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun, despite the age diff, really had great rapport with each other. And it was just so refreshing to watch KSH so bubbly, smiling all the time and I’d say she was at her prettiest here. And Taecyeon, most handsome, of course!
    and while we are on the subject of age diff, how come Park So Dam has more chemistry with Jang Hyuk compared to Jung Il Woo who is closer to her age? Is it Jang Hyuk’s magnetic appeal? maybe but I don’t see the age diff.
    What about Minah and Nam Goong Min, they were crazy good together, I never knew Minah is that good. and Hyeri that bad, heehee.
    Ji Soo is the ultimate Noona killer, the cutest puppy, need I say more?

  2. I agree with many of these and would add in one more, albeit a little older drama, to the list – Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio. I didn’t expect any on-screen sizzle between these two, because, well, while I can respect her, I’ve always been underwhelmed in the sizzle-arena when it comes to PSH. These two though had me believing that they could have something going in real life too. Hats off to LJS for breaking the PSH kiss curse! You will always be my hero for that one.

  3. Oh my god! You post sums up all the things i felt watching these amazing dramas from 2016 and Secret! I just loved it that you mentioned them here! Same i felt the same how i enjoy two characters together on-screen and not really shipping them but enjoying their bickering and funny times! Bromance section was on point! <3 great job!

  4. Jang Hyuk and Park So-dam were a real surprise indeed. I hadn’t expected them to be so adorable together, but they were and had such lovely chemistry. Here’s hoping the drama gods will reunite them in a cable drama soon!

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