The Clock Counts Down in New Teaser for Voice


We finally have a teaser with our two leads present and it is just as good as the previous serial killer car teasers (at least in my opinion).  I know it is early, but at least teaserwise, Voice is angling to be my next “must watch” drama.


Our leads (Jang Hyuk & Lee Ha Na) are both traumatized from their loved ones being murdered by a serial killer.  Due to their shared trauma, they team up to hunt down the person who destroyed their happiness.  Usually, OcN tends to ignore female characters in their crime dramas.  However, I am the tiniest bit optimistic after watching this latest teaser.  It was nice to see that, at least in the teaser, the OTP (one true pairing) worked as a team and it was not just the Jang Hyuk show.  Let’s cross our fingers that this equality transitions to the actual drama.


Voice is set to air on January 6th.

3rd Teaser


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  1. Really looking forward to this drama and Jang Hyuk 🙂 Is there a way to send you a direct message. I couldn’t find a contact link and I had a question for you, but didn’t really want to put it in a comment? Thanks!

  2. WOOT!!! I can’t wait! He looks great. I hope there’s a happy ending. Or something that resembles happiness, since they’re traumatized characters. And that they can find healing with each other. Well, I hope i at least like the characters first. lol

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