Legend of the Blue Sea Recap – Episodes 5 & 6


We have so much wonderful Lee Min Ho falling in love this week.  No confessions have been made, at least not in words, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.  And Lee Min Ho’s actions are screaming “I Love You!”  Come join us as we chat about all the best moments of Episodes 5 & 6.

Flashback – Are We Reliving The Past?


KMUSE: I don’t really feel much for the historical pairing.  I don’t know why, but they just are not clicking the way they were in the first few episodes.  That said, I am really enjoying seeing how all the modern characters have a past counterpart and watching how the past and present mirror each other.  I also am wondering how they are going to fit in characters such as Lee Min Ho’s younger brother, his con-man besties, and his father into the story.

a3CLKYTTA: I know the backstory is important, but it is boring me to tears.  I am way more invested in the here and now characters.  I like our sassy modern mermaid that makes me laugh so hard I cry.  The modern character has so much more depth than the character from the past.


KdramaJen: I am a sucker for a Khottie in hanbok, so I am fully on board with the historical flashbacks.  I also enjoy how it ties the past and present together.  I like how we get some additional insights into the characters through this historical lens.

KMUSE: I really enjoyed this scene where the past and present Lee Min Ho were both experiencing the loss of their mermaid.  The way they blended back and forth was a great way to make me feel that the two stories are connected.

White Knight


CLKYTTA: I love that he races to be with her.  He may not know exactly what he feels for her, but it’s a strong enough feeling to have him breaking all of his rules.

KMUSE: I am really interested to get more backstory about Joon Jae and the police detectives past interaction.  Obviously it was memorable if even LMH’s back is setting off memories.

You’re my Nemesis

CLKYTTA: I think the relationship between our mermaid and the second lead girl is very interesting. I’m curious to see how this progresses.  I’m sure they will milk the whole jealousy thread as long as possible, but I can also see our mermaid gravitating toward our second lead girl as the only girl she really knows on land.

KMUSE: UGH.  Second lead really bugged me when she pulled the “I am going to marry him” crap.  She totally deserved to be bit.


KdramaJen: I don’t love the second lead, but I adore how her presence brings out the snarkiness in our mermaid.

Who’s the Boss


CLKYTTA: This little side story cracks me up.  I love that his mom is just naturally graceful and confident.  Wannabe lady just tries way too hard.

KMUSE: This is my 2nd favorite side story.  Every time these two clash I just laugh.

KdramaJen: It took me a second to remember that the mom is not the lady of the house.  I am so used to this actress playing a rich and polished character too, so that adds to the confusion.  I love their tangled history.  It add to the fun.

Lee Min Ho Makes me go “Awww”


KMUSE: I was mentioning to DramaGeek earlier this week that I adore how Joon Jae just takes the crazy and rolls with it.  If you were unaware of the whole mermaid aspect of the story, there is no other explanation for Chung’s quirks other than she is crazy.  But not once does he treat her different and is always so kind, even when teasing her.

1st Snow

KMUSE: I was not at all surprised that she got hit by a car.  I knew one of them was going to be injured the second they made a date to meet during the first snow.

CLKYTTA: I knew they were going to go full on drama trope with this, but I’m not going to judge because it is helping to move the story forward.


KdramaJen: I was expecting her to get hit by a car (or him to be hit by a car), but I did not think it would be the brother.  I was thinking it would be Mr. Nail Psycho Killer.  I was surprised it was the stepbrother.

DRAMAROOKIE: The stepbrother is a mystery to me. I thought he might be trying to stop evil stepmom when he dropped her phone in water. And when I saw the car accident, his stilted reaction just seemed like a bad actor who wasn’t emoting enough in a dramatic scene. Then we saw his psychotic side in the picture frame flashback and now I don’t know if it was on purpose. To be continued . . .

Silent Cutie

CLKYTTA: Those facial expressions!  This cast is killing it for me. Please let this drama continue to be this much fun.


KMUSE: I have a confession to make…. I loved this actor’s character in Big and thought he was totally robbed when he didn’t get the romance in the end.  So I am THRILLED to see him back and killing it in a new role.  So many cute expressions.

KdramaJen: He is absolutely adorable.  He is stealing scenes even without uttering a word.  I love his expressions!

I Need Food to Be Happy


CLKYTTA: Thousands of women just nodded in silent commiseration with our mermaid over her fasting plight.  I’m willing to bet a lot of screens were paused while someone grabbed a snack.

KdramaJen: Ha!  I made a big bowl of spicy ramyun right at that moment!  This was an adorable scene.

KMUSE: Joon Jae was so cute when getting Chung her food and was peeking at her from the hallway.  His habit of stalking her just gives me all kinds of warm fuzzies.


KMUSE: I thought this scene was very important for Chung’s emotional progression.  The fact that she learns that memory swipes are not always the answer will come to play in the future.  Maybe next time she won’t be so fast to destroy Joon Jae’s memories of her.

CLKYTTA: This scene was really important for so many reasons. I felt like it really helped Chung understand humanity.  I was very happy to see that Joon Jae took as much of a part in helping as Chung did.

KdramaJen: I agree that this was a pivotal moment.  It had just never occurred to her that someone might want to hold onto memories even if they are painful.  I just wonder if she can control the memory swipe or if it just kind of happens…

Well….He’s Dead

KMUSE: The second I learned that LMH’s bestie of the past was his friend and mentor in the future, I totally mumbled, “Well, he is dead.”  Sadly, I was right.  Our Hammer Killer strikes again.

CLKYTTA: I like this angle of the story, not that he dies of course.  I like that his friend from the past is a protector/father figure to him in the future.  I really hope that this character’s modern version stays safe and sound and is able to help LMH.

KdramaJen: I am afraid tragedy is in store in this lifetime too.  Maybe in your next life, dear friend and mentor, you will have better luck.

DRAMAROOKIE: Oh my word. Did not realize that was the same guy until I read your comments. Someone tell me I’m not the only one! That Sageuk garb really throws me.

Say “I Love You” 1a75

KMUSE: SQUEEEE!  I thought this was all kinds of cheesy and equally adorable.  Then when Joon Jae asked her to say “I love you” while staring into her eyes, my heart stopped. Then it screeched back to life when they ruined the moment with that horrible song.  I want to kimchi slap whoever wrote this song and thought it would be a good idea to blast it during romantic moments.  It does not work for this viewer.

DRAMAROOKIE: That song is so obtrusive and not subtle in any way. Has anyone else noticed how the melody hook is a direct ripoff of Descendants of the Sun‘s “You are my everything”? But at least that one was grammatically correct.

CLKYTTA: I am a huge fan of the cheese, and I squeed as loud as KMUSE did.  He knows that he is somehow connected to her.  I love how he treats her so sweetly even though he has to wonder if she’s crazy.

KdramaJen: So cute!  I was at first distracted by the idea that Jun Ji-hyun looks freaking fantastic in anything she wears.  I would look like a Russian grandmother wearing that outfit, but she looks like a goddess.  I was thinking these thoughts, and then suddenly I was completely swept up in the the adorableness of this OTP.

Comedic Moment of Drama


KMUSE: Hahahaha I love that she took the money and refused to let Joon Jae go.  She is all types of awesome.

CLKYTTA: I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe when she kept drinking his water and he was so confused about what was going on.  I would have taken the money and the man too.

KdramaJen: It is these little scenes at the end that I look forward to the most!  It is like a silent nod to all of the Kdrama fangirls (or fanboys) out there.  We all know what happens when there is a glass of water and an envelope full of money.  I just love that she swiped his water and took his money too.  I could not stop laughing!

Our Thoughts:


KMUSE: This drama is not overly cracktastic like I was expecting.  That said, I am still really enjoy watching each week.  It just makes me happy.  Kind of like the comfort food of Dramaland.  I am satisfied.

CLKYTTA: The really nice thing about this drama is we have two seasoned actors who have amazing chemistry together, as well as a great supporting cast.  Every episode makes me impatient for the next one. KMUSE is right, this isn’t a drama that I’m impatient for every week, but I do enjoy watching it.

DRAMAROOKIE: I agree with KMUSE that I thought I would like this drama more from watching the first two episodes, but it is still enjoyable. And I now can say there’s a role I like Lee Min Ho in. FINALLY!

KdramaJen:  I am enjoying this drama.  I am not rewatching every episode or certain scenes multiple times (like I am with Goblin), but I am definitely entertained.  I really loved Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, but have not really enjoyed his dramas since.  Like DRAMAROOKIE, I am very happy to like him again.  The romance is sweet and the comedic bits make me laugh.  Looking forward to next week.

Til next week,

The Fangirls


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