14 Days of KPOP: Top 10 Iconic Male Kpop Group MVs

So when we started throwing around the idea of a kpop series of posts, I was conflicted about what I wanted to write about. There are so many great groups that could use a Fangirl Stalking. Not to mention, all the ones that I feel don’t get enough love and attention. Instead, I decided to do what I do best and share some classic MVs that I consider to be iconic. Hopefully, this will convince my readers to try some of their other music and create some new fans. So, in no specific order, I give to you my favorite, and what I consider iconic, Male Kpop MVs.

***Disclaimer*** – This list is coming from my own experiences in KPOP.  I am an international fan so this list is probably different than that of a South Korean.  Also, if I don’t choose one from your bias group………. Sorry. Feel free to share your most iconic picks in the comments.

#10 Mirotic by DBSK

Back in the day TVSQ and JYJ were all one group.  A group which created the MV which was my gateway into KPOP.

#9 Growl by EXO

The camera work was so innovative that it deserves to be noted and earns a place in my top 10.  This song is also my notification ring tone and I never tire of hearing it.

#8 Smoky Girl by MBLAQ

I know that I should choose Cry or Mona Lisa for their most iconic MVs………but I really really love this one.  And since it is my list, I am going to run with my heart and declare Smoky Girl worthy of the top 10.

#7 Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior

Back when I started kdramas you couldn’t escape meta references to this song. Even now if someone around me says sorry more than once I start humming this song in my head.

#6 Sherlock by Shinee

Shinee has had many hits before and after this MV, but when I think of SHINEE my mind instantly whispers “Shinee’s Back” and plays the intro notes to this song.  I also consider this iconic since they couldn’t even make me dislike it due to poor Taemin’s horrible hair styling.  That in itself is a truly amazing feat.

#5 I Need U by BTS

BTS has so many amazing MVs and songs that it is almost impossible to choose just one.  However, I chose I Need U since I consider this the turning point from their MVs being your basic Kpop to ones that have a deeper meaning.  It is truly an amazing and emotional MV and the perfect transition to the BTS we know and love today.

#4 Breath by Beast

You can’t have an iconic Kpop list without adding an MV by Beast.  I chose Breath because it is one of my all time favorites and gives me the classic Kpop feelz.

#3 Error by VIXX

I love that this MV takes VIXX’s angsty dark and leather-clad vibe and combines it with a tragic (and a little odd) love story. Not to mention the song is one of the stronger ones….at least in my opinion.


This MV is so much fun to watch and remains one of my all time favorites.  Not to mention this song is perfect for when you need a sudden burst of music inspired energy.

#1 Fantastic Baby by Big Bang

I didn’t rank these from lowest to highest.  But if I had, Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby would have been my #1 most iconic Kpop MV….. for obvious reasons.

There you have it. My top 10! This list was so difficult to whittle down I decided to add a few that didn’t make the cut into an honorable mention section. Because, can you ever have too much KPOP? Be sure to let me know your picks for most iconic male Kpop group MVs.


Dramas With A Side of Kimchi


CN Blue – I’m Sorry

FT Island – Wish

U-Kiss – Mono Scandal

7 thoughts on “14 Days of KPOP: Top 10 Iconic Male Kpop Group MVs

  1. A good selection of MVs there. Some I have seen, others I discovered for the first time, even though I heard all of the songs before. Love Fantastic Baby, though when it comes to Big Bang, I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite MV – they are all so good! Though if I think about it, Monster would win by a short margin.

  2. I thought I’ve seen a lot of K-pop music videos until I read this! LOL I need to do some catching up. Big Bang’s and BTS’s videos stand out the most to me in terms of being iconic. Love this list!

  3. Now I’m trying to figure when to use an EXO Growl ringtone . . . You can’t go wrong with Block B’s Jackpot or Jinusean’s One more time, either!

  4. After reading this and feeling the need for some Growl, I scanned my iPod and realized . . . I didn’t own it! Situation rectified and I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since then. Unfortunately my dancing is not so pretty.

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