New Teaser for Bad Guys 2

We have some new information on Bad Guys 2 (aka Bad Guys: City of Evil)! And a new teaser trailer with a lot of blood and not a lot of information and a dude with creepy eyes that makes me wonder if they’re introducing vampires into this sequel. More after the jump:

Our new bad guys are out to take down an even worse set of criminals this time around–sounds like the same plot as the original Bad Guys, yes? Well, it IS a spin-off. This time around we have Park Joong Hoon as a prosecutor who fights dirty to get the criminal, Joo Jin Mo as a formerly violent mobster with a tragic past, Yang Ik Jun as the provincial investigator who goes into beserker mode when chasing down his cases, Kim Mu Yeol as the clueless rookie who finally starts making sense of the crime world, and Ji Soo as the convicted innocent.

But it’s the eyes on this dude that have me asking, “Are they throwing in vampires? Aliens? What’s going on here?” Guess we’ll have to watch and find out! Bad Guys: City of Evil starts airing Saturday December 16th on OCN.

What do you think, drama fans? Vampire or alien? Or is the maknae completely misreading the situation?

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3 thoughts on “New Teaser for Bad Guys 2

  1. Ummm… OCN be trolling us again. 😀

    The teaser is actually a mix of Bad Guys and currently airing Black with Song Seun Hun. The dude with them creepy eyes is SSH’s grim reaper character. I doubt they are going for a cross over for reals though. OCN did a similar type promo vid for Vampire Detective with God’s Quiz, which was the show preceding VP. 🙂

  2. Nice trailer, but the weird vampirelike dude is the main chara of black, another ocn show -previous to this bad guys- I was superconfused at first. Weird mash up 😆

  3. Ok, now I feel better. That was taking a turn for the seriously weird and confused the heck outta me. Thanks for the clarification!!

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