The Fangirls End of Year Countdown – Favorite OSTs of 2017

Music can change a moment from being good into something extraordinary.  It can also ruin a drama if used incorrectly.  Come join The Fangirl’s as they list their favorite OSTs of 2017.  Did your favorite make our list?


Rebel Hong Gil Dong: For me this year’s OSTs came and went but Hong Gil Dong’s soundtrack remained #1 on my playlist.  The old fashioned songs complimented the drama perfectly and created something unique that you don’t hear all the time.  It is by far the best soundtrack of the year.


Goblin The OST of Goblin carried the drama for me when the plot ran slow sometimes. There are a lot of places where they play music while showing scenery and flashbacks. You only have to hear three seconds to be pulled back in by the main theme, Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch. “When I close my eyes I see those eyes, My heart kept aching so I wanted to forget. If this is a dream please let me wake up. Are you really my destiny? Falling you.” Wanting to forget sounds to me like Reaper, but asking “are you really my destiny” is more like what Goblin would say.

Chicago Typewriter The OST is beautiful, reflecting the predominantly melancholy drama. My favorite song from it is Satellite by Saltnpaper, which they play sparingly when they especially want to wrench our hearts, and beautifully expresses the feelings of the ghost. “Satellite Love, through the rain to the stars,” it says. A fitting description of unrequited love, or a ghost who cannot be part of a relationship with living people, but can only revolve around them distantly. He loves his best friend and the woman they are both in love with and doesn’t want to be alone. “Don’t want to say goodbye. I want to hear your voices in dreams.”

Forest of Secrets. This drama has a different sort of OST, using instrumental music with a lot of percussion and without songs. It is rather soft with an insistent beat, reminding me of the music for the Jason Bourne movies. This selection, The Suspect, is something they play when the police are tracking or chasing down their suspects, the visual usually being a scene out of the car window as they drive, or following someone down a street.

Karie the Maknae:

For me, it was really all about the Cinderella and Four Knights OST. It’s what drew me into the world of kpop, initially (SHINee is what got me to stay). That stinkin’ Whoa-oh song, as my kids and I called it, got stuck in my head all the time.

I also really loved the lively theme song for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon:

And as much as I was disappointed by The Liar and His Lover, I absolutely loved this song:

I could go on forever, but I’ll end it here.  While You Were Sleeping. “I Need Your Love” by Eddy Kim. This song is so on point for this drama, it’s ridiculous:


The  Because It’s My First Life OST has been my favorite this year.  I normally like one or two songs from a drama, but I have downloaded almost every song from this one. Itunes is my preferred music source and I’ve been really happy that more Korean choices are available.  The OSTs sometimes take a little more work to find, but they are on there.

“Star Drawing/Drawing a Star” from Uji is fun and peppy and makes me want to do a little dance.

“Marriage” by MoonMoon is perfect for our OTP’s more serious moments.

Kdrama Jen:

Yes! To all of the above. Goblin hands down wins for me. I just listened to the OST again this morning.

While You Were Sleeping: I enjoyed Suzy’s song, but for this Lee Jong Suk fangirl it was fun to hear HIM sing one of the songs! I have a deep appreciation for very talented vocalists, and he would not really make that list, but I really appreciate that he took in the challenge.

Drama Geek

I’m a little late adding here, but when I saw that Lookout wasn’t listed I had to jump on here and give it it a shoutout. The music really added to the action sequences and I found myself searching out the songs immediately after the episodes ended.

While You Were Sleeping has already been mentioned, but I wanted to make sure Henry got lots of love. His contribution to the OST was my favorite and his lyrics are spot on and his voice is beautiful.

Be sure to let us know your favorite OSTs in the comments and check out the rest of our End of Year Reviews HERE!

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The Fangirls

2 thoughts on “The Fangirls End of Year Countdown – Favorite OSTs of 2017

  1. Nice selections. I still have to see While you were sleeping. I didn’t know Lee Jong Suk sang. It doesn’t sound like him. Not bad! And that instrumental from Stranger is great. One of the best dramas of the year!

    My drama watching was sparse this year, so I’m catching up with the later ones, some airing now like “Black” and “Money Flower.”

    I loved the main OST to “Voice.” Absolutely beautiful. “Word Up” by Kim Young geun and “Voice” by Kim Yuna with lyrics and the instrumentals.

    And I enjoyed “A Day Not Too Far Ahead” by MeloMance. From the “20th Century Boy and Girl” OST. There were a few good songs on that one.

    And My Only Love Song OST “Another You” by Yuna of AOA was very nice.

    And “Thank You, My Love” by Jaeyoon from the same drama.

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