First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts about Oh, the Mysterious (Doubtful Victory)

Sometimes it takes a few episodes to get drawn into a drama. I accept this about Korean dramas. The slower pace allows us to explore characters and relationships more deeply. I will usually give a drama four episodes, but it did not take even a full episode of Oh, the Mysterious before I was completely drawn in and intrigued. Here are my first impressions and unfiltered thoughts:

Warning…. Spoilers for ep 1-2


Yoon Kyun Sang, you adorable death row inmate:

First, Kyun Sang’a character managed to get me on his side before I really knew anything about him. He can just tell such a story with his facial expressions, so I immediately sympathized with his character. Umm…you know he is good because that was even when he was lugging a dead body around in his car. Then, we get these sweet brotherly scenes in the prison and we see he is just like a Golden Retriever in shackles. I just fell in love with this adorkable convict.

Oh, look! Westerners (probably American) who are drugged-out partiers.

What a surprise! I was waiting for the usual racial slurs for good measure, but these were just high and happy foreigners. I suppose it is payback for all many times Western media has indulged in Asian stereotypes.

Moonlight Princess is kicking some butt

I am pleasantly surprised by the princess from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Jung Hye Sung, and her portrayal of the female cop who has to deal with men taking credit for her work. She has a steely resolve and resourcefulness I appreciate. I am looking forward to seeing her character grow.

Oh, Brother. Why am I afraid you will die?

I love him. He is sweet and protective of his little sister. I don’t understand why he is in prison. I love his relationship with his hyung. I want him to get released and have a happy life. I spent the whole first episode feeling like he is destined to die. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Chilling Villain

I don’t want to include too many spoilers, but the bad guy in this is creepy, and the actor playing him is rocking it. The character shows some of the characteristics that may be associated with certain disabilities, such as echolalia (repeating what others say), but there is a sinister quality to him that shows he knows exactly what he is doing. I had goosebumps!

Intriguing Plot (let’s overlook a few of those plot holes)

So, I had to suspend disbelief a bit. He somehow escapes from death row through a secret passageway that we can’t see and there is a heroic rescue effort that appears to take place in mere minutes, but the reality is it would take way longer than that to climb that many stairs. I mean, I know he is fit and all, but…. Overall, though, the storytelling is excellent as the viewers go from puzzled about his motivations to not only truly understanding them, but sharing them! I can overlook a few missing pieces in favor of characters I care deeply about facing problems I want them to overcome.

I am definitely all in for this ride! Based on my first impressions, I recommend this for its solid acting and storytelling arc. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts about Oh, the Mysterious (Doubtful Victory)

  1. I love it! Plot holes and all (were the cops and DA corrupt or mentally deficient/incompetent? And was his mentor corrupt? Can’t wait for next episodes!

  2. The second full episode resolved my question about how he escaped, so that plot hole is filled in for me. I am loving it! I sincerely hope his mentor did not die or become corrupt. I also cannot wait for next week!

  3. Yoon Kyun Sang! The adorable prisoner brother in Pinocchio too! I really enjoyed his performance in that. This drama seems interesting, I haven’t heard of it. I’ll have to add it my growing list of new dramas. The older ones keep piling up too. :p

    Just a little rant:

    They need to stop with the Drugged out Americans. We get it. And yes, it’s payback. But it’s not going to sit well anymore now that SK entertainment is becoming mainstream through the U.S. with K-pop and dramas/movies. Plus the shows and movies coming out based on Korean entertainment, like Good Doctor, etc. It will certainly anger those who’re becoming new American fans, whereas before we, the older fans, all rolled our eyes.

    I was watching Meteor Garden, that oldie but goodie from Taiwan back in 2001. There was a scene where they were on a cruise and the F4 all had non-Asian dates. Two white women, one black. Of course we could argue that they’d never actually consider marrying these women, being the sons of mega rich Taiwanese conglomerate owners.

    And later the lead Taiwanese actress in the “Jan Di” role says something like – me, be with a foreigner?? What kind of woman do you think I am? – OOkkkaaayyyy…

    Taiwanese dramas are known for showing other races and foreigners in their shows. But the scene itself of everyone relaxing and chilling, eating dinner, laughing at the dinner table like normal was wonderful to behold. There needs to be some of that in Korean dramas.

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