Kdrama Jen is Overwhelmed With New Chinese Dramas

Oh, China! What are you doing to me? I am suddenly finding myself sub-stalking my Chinese dramas and pushing off my Kdrama list to the weekend. Right now Tribes and Empires is filling my time, but there are two more Chinese dramas heading our way.

Nirvana in Fire is an epic Chinese drama that I am still trying to finish, but now we have Nirvana in Fire 2: The Winds Blow in Chang Lin to look forward to soon. It takes place 40 years after the events in Nirvana in Fire and will tell the stories around Tingsheng’s sons, Xiao Pingzhang and Xiao Pingjing.

This trailer shows there are sure to be sweeping landscapes, beautiful costumes, and a whole lotta intrigue and politicking to keep us glued to our screen. It is scheduled to begin airing on December 18, 2017.

Seven of Me

The synopsis of Seven of Me, according to My Drama List is:

Did she bite off more than she can chew? Bai Xin Xin (Elvira Cai) is a first-year medical intern who crosses paths with Shen Yi Zhen (Zhang Yi Shan), a man from a wealthy family. When Xin Xin is roped into becoming the personal attending physician for Yi Zhen, she doesn’t understand what she signed up for until it’s too late.

As Yi Zhen’s seven different personalities begin to emerge, so to do dark secrets from his cruel family history. Can Xin Xin help the many faces of Yi Zhen recover from his painful past?

Sound familiar?? I was a huge fan of the Korean drama, Kill Me, Heal Me. I am convinced nobody could pull off that many personalities better than Ji Sung, so I am going to be a bit skeptical about this Chinese remake of the Korean drama until I see it for myself. The trailer is intriguing, though, and I am always excited to see how a different country will translate the plot and characters to their own context. Seven of Me is scheduled to air beginning December 13, 2017.

So, will you be watching? Comment below if you are also finding yourself watching more Chinese dramas these days!

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4 thoughts on “Kdrama Jen is Overwhelmed With New Chinese Dramas

  1. Yes Yes! Kill Me Heal Me is one of those dramas that I hear so much about but never got to really watch… Don’t plan to miss it this time.. and Nirvana in Fire needs no introduction, hope the sequel lives up to it. I’m obsessing over Tribes and Empires too haha

  2. Definitely finding myself watching more Chinese dramas lately. Just finished Chinese Youth drama “With You” over on Dramafever. It was very cute, and the main male lead is nice to the female lead from the beginning instead of the typical jerk-so refreshing. I’m also watching Tribes & Empires. The cinematography and production values are amazing. The visual beauty of the drama is stunning. So far the story is interesting. I hope that the story will be solid throughout. I’m looking forward to NIF2. It will be hard to equal NIF1, so I’m cautiously waiting for the premiere. For me, Ji Sung owned that part in Kill Me , Heal Me so I’m not interested in watching a remake.

  3. Love me if you Dare, When a Snail Falls in Love, Love O2O were great Chinese dramas that got me hooked. Looking forward to Seven of Me now. I think Camas are giving kdramas a lot more competition for my time lately. I feel like kdrama took a slump in the last year and a half and is not recovering well.

    • I am definitely watching more Cdramas than ever before. I read an article a while ago that said they analyzed the public response to My Love From Another Star and then took steps to change their dramas to appeal to a wider audience. I think it is working!

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