Tempted (Great Seducer) – First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

These noonas/ahjummas are questioning whether we should be allowed to watch this drama because the writer and director seem to know how to seduce us a little too much. Come join Kdrama Jen and Drama Geek as we spill on whether this drama has tempted us enough to keep watching, or if we’re turned off by the negatives.


Woo Do Hwan

It is no surprise that the #1 reason we’re watching is for Woo Do Hwan. He was both of our choices for break out actor of 2017. He crushed our hearts in Save Me and he made us swoon in Mad Dog. Does he hold up in Tempted?

Drama Geek: Mostly. Do Hwan has a very natural talent and really clicks with his bestie costars. They’re on fire when they’re bouncing off each other, especially when they’re in their posh play den. He’s also smoldering when he’s seducing the camera, teasing the viewers with his rich deep voice.  The problem is that when he’s acting alongside Joy he falls a little flat. Mostly it’s due to the fact that she’s a blank slate that isn’t giving him anything to feed off of. A more seasoned actor would draw attention away from Joy and play to her strengths like Jun Ki & Soo Hyun did with IU.

Kdrama Jen: I agree with Drama Geek. He smolders and shines when he is playing with his besties or even when he is alone, but when he is in a scene with Joy it does seem to fall flat at times. There are a few glimmers, though, even then. I am still Team Woo Do Hwan. He definitely is fun to watch.

Trio of Besties

Drama Geek: I was pleasantly surprised when these three came on screen and they clicked so well. Not only is Do Hwan super seductive, Kim Min Jae is tempting the pants off of the viewers. He usually plays sweeter more innocent characters and I am thoroughly enjoying him as the play boy. He seems to be having the time of his life in this role, and it really shows in his delivery. I’d actually say his acting is the most consistent of the younger cast. Which isn’t surprising because I think he’s the most experienced. Mun Ka Young is the one that surprised me the most. I last saw her in Live Up to Your Name as the cross dressing helper. Her character is bratty and manipulative, but she manages to have me sympathizing with her. She has off the charts chemistry with both boys, and I am a little sad the drama isn’t about the three of them taking on their horrible parents and eventually ruling the world together.

Kdrama Jen: I am loving Mun Ka Young in this! I keep finding myself wishing she could play Joy’s character instead because she is so dynamic on screen! She manages to be bratty and likable at the same time. I love her chemistry with her boy besties and even with the innocent girl she keeps taking on shopping trips and outings. She is able to portray both strength and vulnerability at once. Oh, and Kim Min Jae? Wow. He is seductive and charming in this show. I have enjoyed him in other dramas, but he never really caught my eye like this! I think the besties-chemistry is my favorite part of this drama!

Directing (Sort of)

Drama Geek: When the trio is onscreen the director is doing a fantastic job and giving it the perfect feel for rich kids kicking back and planning to ruin a sweet innocent girl’s life. The color pallet and camera angles add the right touch and make all of their scenes enthralling. On the flip side, when Joy’s character is onscreen the director chooses to pull back on any of that and even the lighting feels different. Which creates a more boring atmosphere. Something Joy does not need.

Kdrama Jen: Hmmm… I was too distracted by Woo Do Hwan’s sultry glances to notice the directing. I guess I should tear my gaze away from the pouty lips and soulful eyes a bit more. Yeah, no. I will let Drama Geek comment on the technical stuff. Now, back to Woo Do Hwan’s seductive stare…



Drama Geek: If you’ve seen the movie Cruel Intentions you’ve seen how an actress like Reese Witherspoon can portray a sweet innocent girl who ends up getting drawn into the handsome rich boy’s world and really add a lot to the story. Her character is so important to the central plot. We need to believe that even though she’s heard lots of titillating rumors about this guy, and despite her own judgement,  she falls for his charms anyway. Joy, unfortunately, is super green. This is only her second drama so I don’t fault her. Though I do fault the system. Why do they start idols out as the lead? They could really use a few side roles under their belts before they’re expected to pull the weight that a lead role requires.

Kdrama Jen: I really wanted to keep an open mind–even though she kind of ruined the last show I saw her in. I tried to give her a chance, but I just don’t feel like her acting rings true. There are too many scenes where it FEELS like she is playing a role. It pulls me out of the moment, and then I get annoyed because I could see how it might have drawn me in.


Drama Geek: Ugh, I know I’m an adult, but I really don’t need to see the parents and all their relationship issues. Plus, the parents who are getting married are played by actors I’m not really feeling it from at all. I wish they had a LOT less screen time.

Kdrama Jen: I don’t really care about the adult plot-line, with the exception of the early scene where Woo Do Hwan seduced his classmate’s mother. That was kind of interesting. For the most part, though, I want more time with the plotting besties and way less time with the moms and dads. I do like the senior citizens, though. I can just imagine Drama Geek and I in the future, chasing Woo Do Hwan around and making him give us piggy back rides!


Drama Geek: This is one I’ll refrain from making a snap judgment on.  I’m not sure the writing is slick enough for me, but we are only 8 episodes (4 by the old system) in. It has moments where I’m pulled in, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the magnetism of the main three actors that’s keeping me glued to the screen and not necessarily what they’re saying.

Kdrama Jen: I am also not sure about the writing. I don’t love all of the adult-focused intrigue. I think they could tell a much more compelling story without having the adults as major characters. The younger generation could still respond to their machinations, but I don’t need to see it first hand. So, I will also reserve judgment on this!

Are we going to continue being seduced?

Drama Geek: Most likely. It really depends on if Do Hwan and Joy can smooth out their scenes. If the show focuses more and more on them, and less on the trio it will be really hard if they don’t start clicking. I fear more of Do Hwan’s limitations will be exposed and my poor heart might not be able to handle it.

Kdrama Jen: Are you kidding? Even if I just have to fast forward and pause on the pretty, I am all in. Woo Do Hwan brightens my screen, and I can always use a bit of sunshine! I am definitely still “tempted” by this drama!

So, what about you? Are you watching? What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below. You can even disagree with us about Joy.

Kmuse Jen & Drama Geek of Drama With a Side of Kimchi

3 thoughts on “Tempted (Great Seducer) – First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

  1. Kim Min Jae”s character is so mischievous in this Drama. I am glad he is getting to play a little darker character. I adore him.

    This is my first Woo Do Hwan experience…

    I am a little embarrassed because in my mind the actresses where switched. I thought Joy was playing the girl in the trio of friends. Well to be honest I have no idea whose Joy is to begin with?!? Thanks for the clarification.

  2. I’m watching. I like this drama. It’s my crack of the week. It’s seductive when Woo Do-Hwan is on screen. The trio is a hoot. I love them. Now, I take this drama as pure entertainment, and the drama does not pretend to be anything else but entertainment. This is why I’m enjoying it. I would have hated this drama if it wants to be Misty.

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