Fangirl Stalking: Park Min Young aka Secretary Kim

I did a girl crush post the other day on characters and Secretary Kim was one of them. It got me thinking how much I love Park Min Young so I decided to do a fangirl stalking post. Let’s see how the woman with the most fantastic ponytail in Kdramaland got where she is today.

Park Min Young was one of my very first kdrama crushes. She won my heart as the secret service agent Kim Na Na and I’ve been in love with her acting ever since. She has the ability to be girly and soft, or super smart with perfect comedic timing like she is currently pulling off. She almost always has great chemistry with her co-stars and has participated in some of my favorite yummy kisses to date.

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor, followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards to the actor/actress featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.

Watch ASAP! (These are not in order of preference)

Healer: I’m sure most of you have already watched this drama, but if you haven’t, DO IT RIGHT NOW. The action mixed with romance were a perfect combination. Park Min Young was super cute in this drama. She strayed from her usual look and went with a short messy bob (which I’ve heard wasn’t well liked in South Korea). She loved dancing to trot music with her dad (they were so cute!) and she was just all around adorable. Her tenacity as a reporter is what made her cross paths with Healer, and what kept her digging into who he really was. Their chemistry was off the charts good, and this show had some of the most creative kiss scenes. This drama really has everything: action, romance, and a touch of humor.

Sungkyungkwan Scandal: Some might argue that this drama is all about the bromance, but I’d include Park Min Young into that category. She did spend most of the drama pretending to be a man. Though she didn’t really convince me she was a boy, she did a pretty great job. Her thoughtful scholar really won my heart, and the hearts of all the boys around her, despite being a man. She has a way of being both soft and strong that was essential for this character. I’m not big on historical dramas because I get bored with politicking, but this one had minimal amounts of that and really focused on the romance, and friendships with all the scholars.

City Hunter: As I’ve said, Kim Na Na was the reason I fell in love with Min Young. She plays a secret service agent, and even has a scene where she takes down Lee Min Ho. (Okay, he had to pretend to get owned by her to keep up his secret identity.) Na Na was tough, and didn’t let anyone push her around. She was able to draw Yun Seong in and show him there was more to life than revenge. Like Healer, this one has tons of action, romance, and humor.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: This show is currently airing and I usually don’t recommend dramas until they’ve finished because endings can totally ruin a drama for me (I’m looking at you God’s Gift). But I haven’t enjoyed a straight rom-com this much in ages, and I think it would be sad to miss out on Min Young’s highly intelligent, sensitive, extremely hilarious Kim Mi So. Usually people are gushing about the male lead (cause we’re shallow like that) but everyone can’t get enough of her. She is just so amazing in this role, even her hair and clothes are perfection. Her chemistry with Park Seo Joon sizzles like nobody’s business. Dare I say, it might match her chemistry with Ji Chang Wook in Healer. I really can’t wait to see how these two lovers will discover what happened in the past and become a powerhouse couple who could take over the world, if they wanted to.

Depending On My Mood

That concludes all the dramas I’ve finished. But I will list here some that I’ve heard were enjoyable.

Queen for Seven Days: Kdrama Jen jumping in: Park Min Young is breathtaking in this historical drama. I loved the younger version of her too, but she managed to be both soft and strong at the same time. She showed off her acting chops once again!

Remember: I only watched 6 episodes of the drama, and stopped because it was too depressing for me. Things just kept getting worse for the lead character and he cried A LOT. I also didn’t think Min Young and Yoo Seung Ho had that great of chemistry. But, again, I only watched a few episodes and it has a really great cast. Namgung Min made me want to take a sanitizing shower after every scene he was in because he pulled of vial bad guy a little too well.

High Kick: I have not watched this but I’ve heard lots of people really like this series. It was Min Young’s first drama and this series usually has a huge cast that with lots of plot lines going on. It’s a lot of episodes but could be a lot of fun to see everyone so young.

For the Die Hard Fans

I Am Sam: This is a drama from back in 2007 and Ming Young plays a gangster’s daughter still in high school who falls in love with her teacher. Yeah…. I know. They kept their relationship platonic and had a time jump at the end but it was still a bit weird. Bonus: Both Lee Min HO and T.O.P are in it. So there’s that….

New Leaf: YAWN! That is saying a lot because I love both leads. Kim Myung Min looses his memory and has to rely on Min Young’s character to help him navigate the cut throat law firm he works. On paper this had the makings of being a pretty great drama but it just ended up being one big boring drama.

Princess Ja Myung: I’ve heard Min Young does a fantastic job in this drama. It’s still on my possible watches. If you’ve seen it, leave your opinion in the comments! Okay, her character looks kind of badass. I really might need to search this drama out.

Not Even Die Hard Fans Should Watch

Dr. Jin: The premise of this drama is cray cray! A doctor time travels by way of brain fetus (yes, he found a fetus inside a brain he was operating on). And the drama just goes downhill from there. This is one of those dramas where you might be tempted to check it out because it can’t be that bad. IT’S THAT BAD.

Okay, that is it for this stalking episode. There are a few I didn’t cover, but I haven’t watched them and haven’t heard much about them so I left them out. Let me know if there are any must watches in Park Min Young’s dramas that I haven’t seen.

Stalking Like a Fangirl,

Drama Geek of Dramas With a Side of Kimchi 

13 thoughts on “Fangirl Stalking: Park Min Young aka Secretary Kim

  1. I highly recommend Seven Day Queen if you have the chance. I loved loved loved her in that. Breathtaking is indeed the right word to describe her performance. At the end of each episode I was just in awe (and also heartbreak for the couple). I felt like she really threw herself into the character.

  2. Seven day queen should be in the watch asap list. It is an amazing show. I could never go around watching sageuks, I wonder what’s the issue but korean sageuks don’t fit well with me. However, SDQ is different and consistently good.

  3. OMG Dr Jin was SOOO BAD!!!! She was decent, the older cast did their usual professional smooth jobs (total shout-out to Lee Beom Soo here), but the only reason I kept watching was Kim Jae Joong & his bromance w/Kim Ji Han. I would watch JJ read a phone book so take that for what it’s worth LOL
    High Kick is very very funny – a real sitcom. Jung Il Woo & Kim Bum are also in it 😀 Very worth watching.

  4. Same! I usually avoid period drama but i was so drawn into 7DQ since episode 1. The plot is so good, PMY’s acting is really good and i really love the chemistry between her and YWJ…
    SKKS, Healer & 7DQ are to-date, among my top highly recommended dramas. i’m also loving Secretary Kim at the moment 🙂

  5. I think she might also be super smart in real life, judging by her performance in BUSTED. I know you guys didn’t like the show, but she seems to always be the one to figure things out first!
    Your comment about the pony tail made me laugh. I keep wondering if it’s rel or fake! LOL!

    • I adored Busted! It was very funny, and had some great guest stars, plus fun puzzles to solve. I’ve always loved those murder games and this felt like the audience was playing along with all the stars of the show. She certainly showed lots of smarts in it!

    • I actually didn’t watch Busted. I’m not huge of variety because I just don’t have time for it, but I might check an episode or two out just to see her solve the mystery.

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