In Time With You (JP) Episode 7 Recap

This is a pivotal episode, where people start to see each other clearly and tell home truths. Much of this is what the audience has been saying to the characters forever!

Ryusei calls Ren and asks to meet. Of course Ren asks him why he disappeared suddenly five years ago. Ryusei just responds that he doesn’t understand the relationship between Ren and Yo. He accuses Ren of being in love with her this whole time and being too cowardly to say anything. (Ooh, right on point!)

Ren makes takoyaki for Yo again. We flashback to see them on a hiking trip in college and getting lost. Finally when they are starving, they find a little cafe which Yo now credits with having the best takoyaki she’s ever eaten. Now Ren tells her that you forget things over time, and the memory is usually better than it really was. Then he tells her Ryusei is back. She acts uninterested.

Back at home, Yo unearths a cardboard box with a pair of fancy coffee mugs in it. We get another flashback to see Yo and Ryusei moving in together and starting housekeeping with those mugs. He tried to start his own business but his partner ran off with the money and he moped around afterwards getting drunk. Finally one day he took all his stuff and left while she was at work.

She decides that she had forgotten a lot about her time with Ryusei, and remembered it as better than it was. But she dresses up to take those cups out to the garbage, because she wants to look good if he ever shows up again.

In accordance with her plan to get Yo a boyfriend, Maki sets up a blind date for Yo with her cousin. The cousin turns out to be a complete jerk. In the worst blind date ever, he insults Yo and then compares ball games to women of different ages. Here he is acting out kicking a soccer ball. (Someone should have kicked him.) I was surprised that no one at the restaurant turned to stare at him!

The next day Ren breaks up with Maki. He has decided he loves Yo, and that the longer he dates Maki the more hurt she will be. She’s angry and feels that he used her to figure out his own feelings. (Another accusation right on point!) He retaliates that she doesn’t really love him, gives back the key, and leaves. She tears up her book.

Meanwhile Yo, feeling dejected, hangs out in the kitchen in her old clothes and her hair in a mess. Her mom sends her out with the garbage again, and guess what? Ryusei shows up, standing in the street calling her name. She gives a muffled screech and runs for home!

Of course she goes to see Ren to rant and complain. He asks her why she’s so upset, if she doesn’t even like the guy. “If your ex judges you by how you look, you were right to break up with him,” he reasons. He finally asks if she still likes Ryusei. Yo cries and says she’s disappointed in him, she counted on him to make her feel better.

He pulls himself together and answers back that he is disappointed in her, too. He’s supported her all this time but she doesn’t care about that at all. She goes home crying. (But I was cheering, Yay, Ren, you finally said something!)

Romola Garai in the BBC 2009 production of Emma.

Ahh, Yo is one high-maintenance girl, and still oblivious to what is right in front of her. She is so self-involved and demanding, and yet she can be very helpful and charming. She is actually a lot like Jane Austin’s Emma, who I thought was very annoying in the book but quite endearing in the BBC production about ten years ago. Emma even had a long-time friend, Mr. Knightly, who she took for granted. Until she became jealous. Anyway, now that people have started speaking home truths, let’s see how everyone reacts.

Let’s see how long it takes for Yo to figure things out!


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