Top 5 Kpop MVs: Finding A Groove

This week’s MVs are a combination of solo artists who have found their place and great entries from groups that surprised me. Come see what I found!

Jung Daehyun – “Amazing”

B.A.P. may be no more, but we still have the rich vocal stylings of Daehyun, and that is a blessing for the ears. Check out this MV for his Japanese single and how good he looks in a suit, too. It’s our last chance to see him perform for a while — he enlisted in the military on November 17th.

NCT U – “Work It”

I don’t really love NCT as a whole, but the NCT U subunit is one of my favorites. “Work It” is an absolute bop — bright colors, deep beats, and a club vibe that doesn’t quit.

2Z – “Stand”

THERE it is. I feel like 2Z lost themselves there for a little while, but “Stand” is hitting all the right notes (no pun intended…OR IS IT?). It feels like it has the same vibe as the songs from their first album, probably because they had more of a hand in writing it.

Henry – “Radio”

I really like where Henry’s solo career is headed now that he’s created his own label, and “Radio” is no exception. The layered symbolism in this MV adds an intriguing depth to the song, but symbolism aside, the flying whales are my favorite.

Lucia – “Lunar Phase”

This song has such an epic feel to it, helped along by Lucia’s rich, velvety voice. The animation of the MV is the perfect complement to the song — intriguing without being distracting.

BONUS TRACK: NCT U – “90’s Love”

I canNOT tell you how much this beat sent me back to high school, y’all. I was a teenager in the 90’s, and to hear this kind of beat in a kpop MV was both thrilling and a stark reminder of just how old I’m getting…..

What retro beats have been grabbing your ears lately, music fans? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next awesome MV, I remain —

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Finding A Groove

  1. ENHYPEN’s first MV dropped today, “Given-Taken”. The name refers to the group’s debut whether is was “given” to them or if they have “taken” it for themselves.

    • YES!! It was released after I finished writing this post, so it’ll show up next week. But YES! I’m loving it already.

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