Upcoming Dramas: January 2021

Hey there, dramas fans! December was a FEAST of new dramas, wasn’t it? January’s drama pace slows down quite a bit — come see if this drama is the one you’ve been waiting for!

She Would Never Know/Sunbae, Don’t Put On That Lipstick

Airing on iQIYI. Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon star as marketers for a cosmetic brand. Won Jin Ah’s character is focused on her career and achieving her dreams of launching her own cosmetic brand, while Ro Woon’s character realizes that he wants to start a noona romance — with her. Will she accept his advances? Directed by Lee Dong Yoon, who was responsible for The Greatest Love and Fated to Love You, and written by newbie Chae Yoon, She Would Never Know is slated to begin on January 18th.

Thank goodness we get a bit of a breather to catch up on all of the dramas December brought us! Will you be starting She Would Never Know? Drop down in the comments and tell us!

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