A Positive Recap – Word of Honor Ep 13-16

Secrets are revealed (or are they) in this week’s episodes of Word of Honor. Come find out if we have any satisfaction with our OTP (one true pairing) development or if we are left wanting more.

An Awkward Romance

Gu Xiang and our resident cinnamon roll, Cao Weining, continue to be all that is awkward and adorable. Cao Weining keeps giving obvious hints about his romantic interest in Gu Xiang. She, on the other hand, is completely oblivious. The few times she almost understood his feelings, she disregarded them as a fantasy, since why would Cao Weining like her? But her feelings are obviously strong since when she has a chance to save one of her compatriots, Cao Weining’s injuries distract her from her mission. She also gives him her longevity pill to help him heal those injuries. Our little cuties obviously are on the path to love.

Kmuse: If anyone could accept Gu Xiang from being from the Ghost Sect it is Cao Weining. There is not a mean bone in this little marshmallow’s body. I totally ship this.

Drama Geek: They are adorable and I’m pretty sure he won’t care where she’s from. I find it funny that he’s doing everything but making sand castles saying he loves her, and she still isn’t clued in.

Kdrama Jen: I really love her and he is kind of growing on me. I do think he will be loving and accepting once he finds out that she is one of the baddies.

You Admit I am Beautiful

Gah! The only thing better than Wen Kixing flirting is Zhou Zishu returning the flirtations. While the two wait for Chengling to finish things with his Uncle, they discuss laying low and maybe having disguises, which shifts into Zhou Zishu complimenting Wen Kixing’s visuals. The flirty banter continues with each agreeing that the other is pretty.

Kmuse: Their flirting is going to kill me with all the feels. I could not be happier then watching them say cheesy pick up lines to each other.

Drama Geek: I have to admit I was shocked at how good Zhou Zishu is at flirting. I enjoyed it when he rolled his eyes and pushed back, but this new development is WAY better.

Kdrama Jen: They say so much and in so many ways. I love the playfulness, but then there are quiet and sweet moments too. They are truly able to connect with a look or an almost brush of the hands. Then, they verbally spar and my heart practically bursts!

The Sword Immortal Ye Baiyi

A new hottie arrives just in time for the Hero Convention. Enter The Sword Immortal Ye Baiyi, a snarky master who is over a hundred years old but looks like he is in his thirties. In fact, this baffles the leaders of the Five Lake Alliance, who accuse him of lying and impersonation. Ye Baiyi haughtily rebukes the leaders and then goes onward to a six-hour-long foodie binge which results in him meeting Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu. Ye Baiyi realizes that Zhou Zishu is dying and offers to help him. Zhou Zishu refuses the offer, and when Baiyi tries to insist and unrobe him, they end up fighting. At which point they realize that Ye Baiyi was a friend of Zhou Zishu’s dead mentor. In the middle of this whole situation, Wen Kexing arrives and is pissed that someone is trying to unrobe his “soulmate.” The two men fight and seem equal in talent, but end after Zhou Zishu tells them they are both being stupid. The conflict ends with Zhou Zishu admitting to nailing himself and his few years left to live. Wen Kexing is obviously devastated.

Kmuse: Doesn’t this actor usually play a bad guy? I am kind of loving him in this role and I kind of wish we could get a season 2 with Ye Baiyi finding his own soulmate. There is obviously a lot of backstory that could be told for his character.

Drama Geek: I love every one of these scenes. Kexing being jealous was awesome, and seeing him fight this supposed master helped give us and idea of how powerful he really is. Hmm, maybe Baiyi’s backstory is that Zushi’s mentor was his soulmate.

Kdrama Jen: I loved these scenes. I think his arrival gave us more opportunity to see more depth in many of the characters. Kexing’s jealousy was worth rewinding to watch again! It also really did show his skill level. It also forced the inevitable revelation about those pesky nails. I really enjoy Baiyi’s character. I am looking forward to learning more!

Wen Kexing’s Real Identity

Zhou Zishu is no idiot and is quickly realizing that Wen Kexing has a problem with the Five Lake Alliance specifically and the pugilist world in general. He puts two and two together and suspects that Wen Kexing is the son of Rong Xuon (the martial artist who had been murdered twenty years previously.) Wen Kexing denies the connection, but his intense emotions say otherwise, and Zhou Zishu just gazes at him worriedly.

Kmuse: I am very curious as to whether he really is Rong Xuon’s child or not. That was my guess as well.

Drama Geek: Whoever he’s related to, I’m sure his wrath is deserved. Kill them all and burn down the secret crypt where all of the sacred texts are.

Kdrama Jen: I am laughing at the bloodthirsty Drama Geek! I have to agree, though, that boy has some serious tragic backstory in his past. I have no doubt he is not just angry over nothing.

I Would Rather Be Dead

Ye Baiyi finds our OTP once again and says that he has thought about Zhou Zishu’s situation and has discovered a way he can prolong his life… at least by ten years. Wen Kexing is ecstatic and anxious for Zhou Zishu to agree but once it is found out that he would lose all his cultivation skills he refuses the treatment. Wen Kexing begs him to reconsider since that gives them time to be together and Wen time to try and find a way to bring back Zhou Zishu’s fighting ability. Zhou Zishu replies that he would rather die than not feel like himself and that two years is plenty of time for them to travel and be together. It is obvious Wen Kexing doesn’t like this answer as he storms off to be depressed.

It is truly sad to see Wen Kexing mourning the eventual loss of the love of his life. However, we can’t ignore how gorgeous he is while crying in the rain, holding his flute. Absolutely lovely and he is only more attractive as he smashes his flute in despair.

Kmuse: Gasp! Not the symbolic flute! What will Wen Kexing do now if he can’t lull Zhou Zhing to sleep at night? Probably just stand over his bed, starring like a regular creeper (JK). It was beautifully tragic and heartbreaking.

Drama Geek: I may need to be watched a few more times. Despondent and wet Kexing is a sight to behold. I understand Zishu’s reasoning because I would be sad if he couldn’t fight, but he would have Kexing and his minions to protect him, and they could just raise little Chengling like students and be happy.

Kdrama Jen: Kexing is like a sad little puppy in the rain and then he has an adorable tantrum as he breaks the flute. Whatever metaphor could this be? My heart breaks for them both. Zishu can’t stand the thought of being powerless and Kexing can’t tolerate the thought of losing his soul mate. My heart!!!

Everyone’s Mad at the Five Lake Alliance

I will be brief on this part since my kbesties are not really into the whole Five Lake Alliance/Hero Convention story arc. However, I think it is important to mention that everything comes to a head, and all hell breaks loose. Wen Kexing smirks from the sidelines as everyone’s greed goes into overdrive. But it falls when he realizes that there might be someone else plotting in the background. The fight ends with the eldest Uncle committing suicide via head bonk, smashing another set of fake Glazed Armor before he dies. Later, it is discovered that it is the unassuming fourth Uncle that has been planning this coup.

Kmuse: I was very impressed with Eldest Uncle’s performance in this scene. With his hair blowing in the wind and that moment of clarity that he was going to die… it was very well done. I also am interested in seeing where the evil brother takes things. He really is a good tactician.

Drama Geek: I watched these scenes but was only impressed with the uncle’s flowing hair performance. This is where the budget for this drama really shows itself. I’m not sure what kind of hero convention they were going to have, but it was going to be pretty lame. I’m also very curious if someone would have the strength to follow through on a head bonk that would actually kill themselves.

Kdrama Jen: I had to watch this twice to understand what exactly was going on. The whole idea of a Hero Convention makes me giggle. Where are their lanyards with ID cards and bags full of Five Lake Alliance swag? Seems like a pretty lame convention…

The Scorpion King’s Alliance

We have yet another hottie come onto the scene. Welcome The Scorpion King, who is the son of Second Uncle. (Is he a real son or an adopted son? Not sure if we can tell from the information we have been given, so if anyone knows, throw us something in the comments.) He is the head of the Scorpion Assassins and has been killing off people in the background to help his father gain control of the Five Lake Alliance. Judging from how he has been killing people behind his father’s back, he has his own agenda that might differ from his father’s in the future.

Kmuse: I have always enjoyed this type of hot evil look. I am all for watching him be sexy and evil.

Kdrama Jen: Uh oh! Hot evil bad guy with braids and guyliner and Kmuse is going to be down for the count! We may need a defibrillator…

Drama Geek: Am I the only one that got weird vibes between Hot Scorpion King and his daddy? I had to go back and read the subtitles a few times to confirm he really was calling him father. I’m ALL in for a showdown between our OTP hotties and this guy. Much better foe than all the other alliance people.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I enjoyed these four episodes a lot. The power plays between all the pugilist sects were really well done and I like the shift in everyone’s dynamics. I especially liked the emergence of The Scorpion hottie. I think he will be a much better nemesis for our OTP.

Drama Geek: While Kmuse is distracted by the boring heroes tournament, I will watch the rain flute scene one more time.

Kdrama Jen: While Drama Geek is watching the flute scene, I’m going to be having a binge-fest with the next episodes!! Can’t wait!

Til the next flirty moment,

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  1. The hottie Scorpion King is not Fourth Uncles biological son. And Drama Geek is not the only one to get weird vibes between Scorpion King and his daddy. Based on the comments I’ve read around the internets, it seems that in the original novel Fourth Uncle has a lot of ‘pretty, pretty boys he calls sons’ – re-phrasing Hotel California. ;D Scorpion King is probably more a “son” than a son, if you get my drift. Though I think it’s just sort of vaguely hinted in the drama, from what I’ve seen so far anyway.

  2. Actually it’s not Fourth Uncle, it’s Second Uncle. We never met Second Uncle but his remaining 2 disciples were handed over to Tai Shan Sect with his piece of glazed armor.

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