The Box – A Fangirl’s Spoiler-Free Movie Review

The Box, starring Park Chan Yeol (EXO) and Jo Dal Hwan, is one of the loveliest stories I have seen in quite a while. I don’t often watch movies – my time in drama-land leaves me desirous of fictional characters with more depth than a two-hour film can typically provide. But as a Chanyeol fangirl, I knew I would have to watch – after all this movie was his last parting gift to his fans before leaving for the military. I’m ever so glad I did!!! Here are three reasons why you need to check it out too!

We All Have Our Own Boxes

This movie had such a beautiful message and was presented in such a simple but profound manner. A washed-up and down on his luck producer (Jo Dal Hwan) and an aspiring singer & musician (Park Chan Yeol) with a debilitating case of stage-fright, join hands and begin a journey of healing through music. The imagery of ‘the box,’ coupled with the lesson to be gleaned from this story, was very poignant. And it’s a lesson, long after the ending credits stopped rolling, that had me looking introspectively at my own life’s story and wondering just what my ‘box’ is.

A Most Excellent OST

At times felt as if I was watching a musical. The songs were as equally important in the telling of the story as was the dialogue between the characters. Beyond the songs written specifically for the film, there were well recognized international hits, carefully remixed into cover versions. Each one furthered the story in its own special way. A veritable jukebox, the variety in these song choices was just fantastic! I need my own copy of this OST ASAP!!! 

More Than Just A Handsome Rapper

As a long time member of the Kpop group EXO, Park Chan Yeol is most well known as a rapper. Drama fans might recognize him from his previous acting roles in the web-drama EXO Next Door or as the genius game designer from Memories of the Alhambra. But there is so much more to Chan Yeol than just a pretty face and deep voice. I was fully immersed in his character as the introverted yet musically gifted Ji Hoon. I believe his real life talents of playing the guitar, piano, and drums (as well as his rich and soulful vocals), were not only well-suited, but wonderfully highlighted in this role!

I’m so happy I was able to do a movie date with my EXO-L bestie to watch The Box – we both loved every minute and were SO moved by the story. I highly recommend making it part of your next movie night – just be sure to have a box of tissues handy for when that ending song hits. I was feeling ALL the feels! 

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  1. I love Chanyeol’s vocals and have bemoaned him getting boxed into the rapper role so often! So looking forward seeing this!

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