Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 10

I’m excited about today’s episode because I finally feel that we are slowly starting to move in character development. Something that for me has been just a tiny bit stagnant. Thankfully, we have had some amazing chemistry to keep me engaged while the story decides to get moving.

Swoony Doom

Realizing his feelings for Dong Kyung, Doom is full in and uses his powers of flirting any moment the two of them are within talking distance of each other. I don’t know about the rest of you, but those small sweet smiles Doom directs towards Dong Kyung are making my heart pitter-patter. Obviously, the same can be said for Dong Kyung, who is finding herself with a very affectionate Doom. This might be a problem now that Dong Kyung is really starting to realize how her loving someone could end up being a death sentence for that special someone.

Why do men have to suck?

Know who is having a sucky week, especially when it comes to those humans sporting a Y chromosome? Writer Bestie, that’s who. Not only does she have Cafe Hottie claiming that he liked her first, so she is technically obligated to pick him (Ugh, this is one of my all-time biggest trope pet peeves.) But then the skeevy webtoon writer decides to try and blackmail Bestie into going out with him by saying he has fans accusing her of plagiarizing. And if she only goes out with him, he will make all the allegations disappear. Writer Bestie is not a fool and realizes that the webtoon sleaze is full of it and chucks a computer at his head, then is stopped from jumping over the table to take him down by Joo Ik’s timely interference. He was pretty swoony in his support of Writer Bestie, despite the sleaze being their top seller.

All that goodwill is lost, though, once Joo Ik finally mans up and admits that he rooms with Cafe Hottie. Not only that, but he purposefully tried to keep them apart then and now. When asked why, he simply replied that it was in her best interest since Cafe Hottie would have made her miserable, and she wouldn’t be able to become the strong person she is now. And while that might be true, you can tell that Writer Bestie is not thrilled with all these men trying to decide her life for her. I also noticed that Joo Ik never actually expressed any personal emotions when explaining his stupid reasons. UGH, these three are just a hot mess.

Do you want some Ramyun?

This episode was a ton of push and pull between our two leads. When Doom would flirt and turn up the heat, Dong Kyung would back off with a flustered twirl. Then when Doom wasn’t paying attention, Dong Kyung would casually invite him up for Ramyun! Bwahahaha, the poor girl was flustered to find all her family on the porch cooking meat—no Ramyun for you, only Pork Belly.

Hospital Visit

We didn’t get a visit from the ominous pot of dirt today! Instead, we have Child God and Dong Kyung discussing love and Doom. As usual, we get a lot of chatting in reference, and when you finally think that Child God is admitting that Doom was created for Dong Kyung specifically, she shifts her meaning and says that Doom was created for all humans. It is enough to make a fangirl pull out her hair.

Puppy Writer Amulet

Dong Kyung continues to tie up the loose ends of her life, and on her list is getting a signature from everyone’s favorite puppy wanna-be idol webtoonist. Nam Da Reum writes out the message, even adding extra hearts when he learns it is for a fellow writer who has cancer and is a fan. He asks to see Dong Kyung’s hand and promptly writes his signature in the middle of her palm. He tells her that it is an amulet that will provide her with health and long life. He even pulls out the ultimate cutie move by calling Dong Kyung “noona.” Ha, he also notices that Doom is glaring at him in the background and asks if she is dating the Tteokbokki salesman from the other day. She confirms their relationship, but that doesn’t stop Doom from trying to trip the younger man as he leaves, only to have Da Reum jump over the outstretched limps. Ha, Da Reum’s puppy power is totally legit.

Marry Me

While chatting with Da Reum, Dong Kyung proposes how a hypothetical girl, stuck in a Sophie’s Choice situation, would be able to have a happy ever after? Da Reum promptly says the person with the wish needs to die. Only with her death can everyone she loves end up happy, even if it means that Dong Kyung dies. If someone else dies in Dong Kyung’s place, then there is no happy ending. Dong Kyung takes this very literally, but we will take about that later.

Doom continues to go full speed ahead and claims that they have already lived together, so they might as well get married. Dong Kyung brushes it off, but you can she, Doom, and us viewers know that he was 100% serious in his proposal.

Birthday Wish

Dong Kyung has a list, and she is checking off at a furious rate. She drags Doom to “meet” her parents’ ashes, tries to take care of all her friends and relatives, and even gives Doom a one-on-one Birthday Party. She says this is for all those years he didn’t have someone to celebrate with him. He even has to blow out the candles and makes a wish. Wishing that Dong Kyung would live. Dong Kyung’s smile wavers but replies that she already is living and he shouldn’t use his wish on that.

Hermit Dong Kyung

Remember back in the early days when Dong Kyung tried to make herself fall in love with Doom and evil chaebols on the TV? Well, she is at it again, and this time she has decided that she can’t be around anyone; since then she can stop her emotions and die with a clear conscience. Everyone will be safe. So she literally runs away from home to the beach house where she can live out her days as a hermit, loving no one. Of course, this doesn’t work since Doom refuses to leave her, despite her trying to break up with him.

They end up in an emotional cryfest once Dong Kyung lets her emotions run free. She laments the fact that she is going to die, and she doesn’t want to. All she wants is to live her life with her family, friends, and Doom. Is that too much to ask?

Final Thoughts:

What the heck is with the writer using the forcing my emotions trope AGAIN. It barely worked the first time around, and it really isn’t working now. Not to mention, I don’t think that if love eases up that everyone is going to be safe. Isn’t the deal being that whoever she loves most at the time will die? That means that unless she becomes a true psychopath, this whole hermit shtick isn’t going to make a difference.

The story picked up a bit this week, but I still feel that the pacing/character development is all over the place and not working. I feel that six weeks in, we should have some definite movement going on. Instead, I feel that we have a ton of talk and a minimal pace with the plot. Thank goodness that the OTP, and everyone else, is pulling off a brilliant performance. Sadly, it isn’t brilliant enough for me to ignore the plot holes.

Until the next questionable wish,


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