Top 6 Kpop MVs: Sorry, Not Sorry

Pushing play on a brand new song is always a bit of thrill – and I can never quite predict which music will capture my attention!  Sometimes it feels obvious, like with the recent title tracks from Stray Kids and CIX. But other times, random artists catch me by surprise – yes, I’m looking at you Lee Dong Hwi and Pentagon! Are you curious? Good! Come check out my unapologetic picks for this week’s Top MV list! 

Stray Kids – “소리꾼 (Thunderous)”

Stray Kids is back with a new full-length album, titled NOEASY (aka NOISY – check the album art and you’ll see what I mean!), and it is PACKED with awesome tracks! ”Thunderous”, just as its name implies, rolls out with a bang – the song encompasses their signature sound, the lyrics declare them unashamed to be who they are, and the video is a fusion of historical and fantasy elements. If this isn’t another SKZ masterpiece, I don’t know what is?! 

LUCY – “동문서답 (Irrelevant Answer)”

Lucy surprised me with new single last week and I love it! It still amazes me how they incorporate the violin into their upbeat, rock band sound, but I’m not going to ask questions. Just get up and get moving to this bop! 

Lee Dong Hwi – “네가 아는 너 (Keep Your Head Up)!”

Do you know Lee Dong Hwi? I had no idea this actor was also a singer until I stumbled upon this new song! The music is peppy and I love the message to you just do you and not worry about what others think! And maybe, just maybe, this ahjumma appreciates a MV featuring a fellow ’80’s born artist for a change, lol! 


CIX first caught my attention last comeback with their song “Cinema”. So of course I had to give their new album a listen! I’m loving this upbeat title track and the matching color-filled music video. (However, the ending has left me with questions . . . any FIXes out there who can fill me in???) This is definitely a rookie group I’m going to be keeping my eyes on!

PENTAGON – “Cerberus”

“Cerberus” totally flew under my radar until a fellow music lover slipped the link for this gem into our group chat! It’s not my typical music vibe, but the driving beat just sucked me in and didn’t let go. Join Pentagon members Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok going full out for this underground rap party!

T1419 – “FLEX”

T1419 are the new kids on the block, having only debuted at the beginning of this year. But they are coming out with a confidence that is admirable. Their third single, “FLEX”, might not hit all listeners the same way (I find the chorus a bit too strong, while my daughter loves the hyped up sound!) . . . however I can’t deny that the opening of the song combined with the visuals of the MV kept me engaged. 


Kim Jong Kook X ATEEZ – “바다 보러 갈래? (Be My Lover)”

What happens when you combine a 1st generation Kpop icon with one of the best 4th generation boy groups? A special collab song that could easily fit right in on the Boys Over Flowers OST. The bright and breezy concept, plus the throwback sound, makes this song an automatic summer playlist pick!

Pentatonix ft. ATEEZ – “A Little Space”

Apparently one collab this month just wasn’t enough – ATEEZ surprised fans by lending their vocals to a new remix of “A Little Space”! I absolutely love Pentatonix’s gorgeous harmonies and was thrilled to hear that they requested YunHo, San, and Jongho to join them in taking their song to the next level!

That’s what I’ve got playing this week! Drop down to the comments and tell me which songs you just can’t get enough of right now!



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