Top 8 Kpop MVs: Why Can’t I Share Them ALL?!

The most difficult thing about writing these posts each week is deciding which songs to share! I’ve got a running list of new releases, and let me tell you, it’s HARD deciding which songs to talk about!! From killer comebacks to sunshine bops to contemplative ballads, there’s surely something to appeal to everyone – come see which songs made it to my faves list!

ATEEZ – “Deja Vu”

ATEEZ IS BACK!!!!! It’s well after midnight as I’m writing this, but for my ult group I HAD to stay up late to catch the release of their newest album and premiere of the MV for “Deja Vu”. And I have to say, it DOES NOT disappoint!!! This song is packed – seductive vocals, mesmerizing raps, and a bewitching bridge – there was just SO MUCH to take in. Oh, and did I mention killer visuals? I could go on, but I’ll let the MV speak for itself!

W.A.O – “현기증 (Dizzy)”

W.A.O (short for ‘We Are the One’) is a new, 6-member boy group that debuted this past April. “Dizzy,” from their second mini-album of the same name, is bright and youthful and boasts some solid vocals and captivating deep-voiced rapping. I’ll be keeping my eye on this group!

ChangJo – “Hurting U”

Teen Top member ChangJo’s new solo single is hitting me in all the emo ’90’s alternative feels. (I don’t know if this sound is a new trend in Kpop, but I approve!) The beautiful vocals and simple visuals combine to make this lament-filled ballad a definite repeat track.

BIBI – “Pado”

BIBI is well known for her rapping, but in “Pado” she shows off some lovely vocals, reminiscent of BOL4. I also enjoyed the seaside scenery as I pondered the thought- just what would happen if a sushi chef stumbled upon a mermaid?!

A.C.E – “Changer”

It was announced recently that two oldest members of A.C.E will begin their service obligations at the end of the month. Amidst this sad news for fans, they released a new album featuring this great bop. Even though the MV is filled with dazzling smiles, I can’t help but feel it’s a bittersweet farewell from Donghun and Sehyoon. 

Stray Kids – “좋아해서 미안”

I’m so used to powerful raps and punchy music from Stray Kids that this MV caught me off guard – in a good way!! I loved the song when I first heard it on their recent album. But adding in the simply filmed headshots of each member as they sang through the lyrics made this confessional ballad even more emotionally impactful. 

Young K – “Guard You”

Day6’s Young K is also heading off to the military soon and he left fans with a beautiful solo album as his parting present! I instantly fell for the lyrics of “Guard You.” And who knew watching YoungK rock out on his guitar while the world comes to an end would be such a delight?!

Monsta X – “One Day”

Monsta X are now officially my most favorite Kpop group when it comes to having English tracks. “One Day” may be a breakup song, but I’m in absolutely in love with the gorgeous vocal harmonies of this single. I could listen to it on repeat all day long!!

It’s been a bountiful week packed with great music – what songs have made it to the top of your streaming list? Share with me in the comments below!

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