Top 5 Kpop MVs: Find Your Mood Match!

Sometimes the day-to-day responsibilities of adulting make it challenge to keep up with all the new music coming from Kpop-land. But that doesn’t stop this fangirl from tracking down all the best new tracks! Looking for something bright and energetic? Or maybe something a bit more somber and reflective? Don’t worry friends, I’ve got you covered! Come check out this week’s Top 5 with me!!

ATEEZ – ‘Eternal Sunshine’

‘Eternal Sunshine’ is the perfect October bop for this fangirl, dwelling in the land of eternal summer! While my fellow Kbesties are embracing all things Autumn, I am soaking up the sunny smiles, cheerful choreography, and bright beats of this second title track release from ATEEZ. It’s summer all day, every day at my house!! 

N. Flying – ‘Sober’

N. Flying is back with a full length album filled with fantastic new songs. Hweseung and Seunghyub’s vocals are gorgeously paired with the rock-styled, doo-wop guitar and drum sound. I can’t hit the repeat button fast enough when ‘Sober’ ends! Definitely check out ALL the tracks off their new album here.

Luna – ‘Madonna’

Do you ever push play on something you’re sure isn’t going to be your thing, only to admit you might have been judging a MV by it’s thumbnail?? Well ‘Madonna’ was just such a song for me! The powerful opening piano chords, combined with the strong vocals from f(x)’s Luna, sucked me in. And I stayed, totally enjoying the ’80’s inspired homage to the one and only Madonna.

Blitzers – ‘실수 좀 할게 (Will Make a Mistake)’

This newbie group caught my attention when they debuted back in May. Blitzers are once again on my radar with the title track from their first comeback. I’m really digging their rock inspired sound – ‘Will Make a Mistake’ is giving me all the Block B vibes and I love it!! 

NIK – ‘Santa Monica’

You know what I appreciate?! A brilliant choreographer who takes a 11 member kpop team and makes their stage seem small and intimate! I recently stumbled upon the brand new combination Korean and Japanese group NIK on a weekly music show. I was captivated how they moved across the stage in rotating units so as to never overwhelm the viewer! Plus their song ‘Santa Monica’ is a total ear worm – I found myself humming it days later, totally out of the blue!  

Bonus JP Track: Stray Kids – ‘Scars’

Stray Kids has been dropping SO much music recently and I couldn’t sign off without sharing this recent MV from their new JP single ‘Scars’. SKZ songs about struggling, yet enduring, are always impactful. I always appreciate how they bring heartfelt lyrics and emotions to their music!

So what do you think kpop fans – did you find some new music to connect with this week?? Tell me all about it in comments below!



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