Kpop MVs: Maybe You Missed It? (Band Ver.)

My daughter loves to be our car DJ whenever we’re driving together and recently she and I were jamming to some of her favorite K-Band tunes. Which reminded me of some songs I’ve been wanting to share! From soundtracks to B-sides to new singles, check out these band tracks before 2021 is over! 

DAY6 – ‘Walk’

Day6 had a fantastic comeback this past July with an album full of bops! Of course, I loved all the songs on it, but I tend to fall hard for B-sides and ‘Walk’ was no exception! This live performance clip was just the icing on the cake – keep walkin’!

N. Flying – ‘Chance’

Featured on the OST for the Lord of Heroes video game, this song likely flew under the radar of most music fans when it came out in August. Equal parts haunting and inspiring, this song gives me epic anthem feels and I love it! 

415 – ‘Summer Nostalgia’

Rookie KBand 415 dropped this song back in July – I never knew it was possible to feel nostalgic over a brand new song, but ‘Summer Nostalgia’ perfectly suits its name! Just sit back and enjoy the refreshing music and cool oceanside visuals. . .

One OK Rock – ‘ Renegades’

I’m so glad I randomly stumbled upon this song earlier in the year. Japanese rock band One OK Rock teamed up with Ed Sheeran to produce this song for the soundtrack of the Japanese film Rurouni Kenshin: The Final. I kind of love that the lyrics are all in English – I get to channel my inner angsty, rebel, rock girl and loudly sing along!

South Club – ‘Star Dust’

Former Winner member Nam Taehyun leads the indie rock band South Club. Although they’ve been around since 2017, I just discovered them and this new single back in September. Maybe it’s just me, but the song feels a bit rock-a-billy and I liked that it was something a little different! 

How about you, music fans – what are your favorite Asian band songs to rock out to?? Tell me all about them in the comments below!



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