A Business Proposal or Military Prosecutor? Easy answer: Both!

If you’re wondering what to do with your Monday/Tuesday time slot and you can’t choose between A Business Proposal and Military Prosecutor Doberman, the answer is don’t choose, watch both! One is a classic rom-com with ALL the best tropes and two amazing couples to swoon over. The other is a slick revenge story with leads who both kick butt and take names as they go.

When recording our podcasts we often cheat at our own games and I decided to apply that to my First Impression posts. I couldn’t decide which drama to do a first impression on and realized I didn’t have to choose. We’re all stressed out beyond belief and we have a lot of drama needs. I’m here to tell you these two are just what the doctor ordered.

Comedy for the Soul

A Business Proposal is up first. Kim Se Jeong could have easily slid into the female lead role in Military Prosecutor with the action chops she displayed in The Uncanny Counter, but instead she decided to show us how great she is at comedy. This show is based on a webtoon and has a classic rom-com feel. Rich male lead who only thinks about work and needs to placate his grandpa by going on blind dates and getting married. Poor girl who goes on blind dates for her rich friend to help her out and earn a few extra won.

What I love about this show is that it knows exactly what it is. The writers from Ugly Miss Young Ae know how to get a laugh and they’re adding all the silliness but they’re also being super meta. Grandpa watches a makjang drama that mirrors what should happen to our poor female lead when he finds out his grandson’s dating beneath him, but I have faith that our brown bear PJ-wearing grandpa is going to be a big softy and circumvent the expected.

Action to Get Your Blood Pumping

Who needs to go to the gym when you can just watch a drama? 2021 had a lot of women taking the lead in actions scenes and really impressed me. Military Prosecutor Doberman had me very excited when Jo Bo Ah‘s character took down a room full of scumbags and didn’t chip a nail. Her character has just as many secrets in her closet as Do Bae Man (haha, yes, that name is intentional) does and I’m here to see these two unravel the past and work together to take down whoever is to blame for their scars. Bo Ah had me at the smirk she gave us after dropping an entire bridge full of thugs, and she did it Black Widow style. Who doesn’t love legs wrapped around their neck right before they die?

Ahn Bo Hyun in Uniform, Suits, & …

2021 was also the year that Ahn Bo Hyun burst onto everyone’s screen in multiple dramas. His character in My Name wasn’t the focal point and I was happy with that. He’s taken what he learned in that drama and is able to expand on it. His character is interesting, since he did everything he could to stay out of the military and still ends up getting roped in. On the outside he appears to be dirty, but there is way more going on with him, and he looks so good playing every facet of his character.


Dinosaurs make a lot of people happy and according to Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong), the leading man of A Business Proposal bears a striking resemblance to this bird-like dinosaur. The production team has me cracking up every time her phone rings and the animated dino screeches that he’s calling. Ahn Hyo Seop is channeling Park Seo Joon from Secretary Kim in this, but it’s a good fit for him so far. His slight smiles and easy concern for her make his cold exterior fairly transparent.

Familiar Faces

It’s always nice to see familiar faces when life is crazy or you’re sick, and both dramas do not disappoint. The sister from Thirty-Nine is Do Bae Man’s aunt. I really enjoy her acting and I’m excited to see her in this drama too. A Business Proposal has two separate couples and the second pair is played by Kim Min Gue (Snowdrop & Nevertheless) and Seol In Ah (Mr. Queen & Record of Youth). They are adorable together and I might have fallen for both of them over their fear of cockroaches. There has also been a deep discussion on Discord trying to figure out which secondary characters on this show recently played hottie guards in sagueks and the answer is several. Go check out Lovers of the Red Sky (or don’t, just watch clips!) and The King’s Affection to spot a few.

In Conclusion

We’re only on the second week for these dramas and I think you should try them both out and report back to me. Which one stuck? Maybe you went my route and you added both to your watching list. Oh, and if revenge turns you off, I’d still give Military Prosecutor a try. I think it will have cases of the week, and the overall plot of finding out the truth from the past.

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